Stephen Burrow Brings a Chef's Take on The Local Centric Market and Bistro at Stratton's

Stratton’s Market and Skye’s Little Bistro in the River Market is shaking things up. Stephen Burrow – former executive chef at Forty Two and Chenal Country Club – has joined the team managing both the Market and the Bistro.
Stratton’s has gradually carved out a name for itself as a go-to spot for local produce and goods. Burrow was a heavy user of locally grown produce while in his positions at Forty Two and Chenal Country Club. His experience in the area should allow the market to connect with more restaurants and home cooks looking for quality produce.
“The amount of Arkansas produce [at Stratton’s} is amazing – it’s like being at a farmer’s market every day of the week. … it gives us the opportunity to avoid getting complacent, which I feel can be a problem in the restaurant industry. … It gets boring doing the same thing every single day,” says Burrow.
Burrow’s job will also include working with Skye’s Little Bistro, which shares part of the space.
We first reported on Skye’s when they opened in April. Owner Skye Ward says Burrow brings a new element of experience to the team. Even in his first days of work he’s made a mark. “Having him to teach me a different way of doing things and getting his opinion has really been beneficial,” she says, “he’s teaching me a lot.”

Burrow has already began serving up new ideas. First up, a chalk wall containing the daily menu that you can’t miss upon entering the space. The team hopes to keep it rotating at least three times a week.
The goal is to showcase Stratton’s offerings by more heavily incorporating them into Skye’s menu. On our visit in, items like Avocado Toast, Gazpacho, and Duck Confit dappled the walls. He says of his move, “I’m really excited about it. … I think by aligning the two we can put Skye’s and Stratton’s on the map.”
Bistro fans need not fear, however, as a few items should stay constant, such as the Duck Confit, Croque Monsieur, and the Gobble and Grape Sandwich. While things are bound to change with the season, Burrow adds, “We don’t want to tie ourselves down with the menu.”
Nevertheless, fans can also expect at least one brunch item at all times. Burrow and Ward both agree – it’s always time for brunch. Ward chuckles, “Breakfast is my favorite meal.” Burrow adds, “Sometimes it might be a Wednesday and you still want brunch … that was the reason we decided to keep that one item ever-present.”
The display case near the front counter is now filled with delectable tapas to attract downtown dwellers and people in a hurry. For $9.99 a pound, you can fill your take away container to your heart’s content. If you’d rather slow down, don’t forget about the wine tastings offered at the eatery.
The changes, along with likely more to come from Burrow, help make Stratton’s and Skye’s a strong downtown destination for local foodies.
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