Stone's Throw and Southern Gourmasian Beer Dinners Are Going Strong After Two Years

There are few things I love more than a special multi-course dinner. We have held a few of our own, Forty Two’s Around the World series is fantastic, and places like Lost Forty and South on Main have put on some of the most memorable dinners in the city. The Stone’s Throw Brewing and Southern Gourmasian dinner pairing might be the most interesting regularly occurring dinner of them all.
As with everything involving Stone’s Throw, there is a bit of a DIY feel to the history of the dinners. It started as a way to reward backers for their initial Kickstarter campaign to open the taproom with no plans to continue it further. Stone’s Throw Brewing co-founder Ian Beard says he just walked up to the Southern Gourmasian truck and talked chef Justin Patterson into doing the dinner.
“This was the first time I had ever had any kind of contact with them, (Southern Gourmasian) and miraculously he agreed to help us,” Beard says. “In December of 2013 we packed our little taproom with our Kickstarter backers who had chosen the “Foodie” package for 5 course meal. The food was all prepared in the truck parked outside then brought in and served by the cooks while bartenders distributed each beer pairing.”

Beard says that the response was so overwhelming they decided to make it a monthly feature. The dinners remained at Stone’s Throw’s taproom until The Southern Gourmasian restaurant opened early last year which offered a larger dining area and kitchen space to use for the dinners.
Each dinner is five courses, each paired with a different beer. They have become a way for Patterson to flex his culinary skills as well as test out new dishes for the restaurant. Each dinner is a completely new food menu and Stone’s Throw has introduced many new beers during the two years.
“Until our second anniversary Greatest Hits dinner in December 2015, Justin never repeated an offering on the menu,” Beard says. “That’s 2 years of unique dishes every month.”
The dinners are typically the last Tuesday of every month and are one of the best deals in town at just $50 for one person or $90 for two. The price includes food and beer, tip is extra.
This month’s dinner features a Pork Satay paired with Shamus Stout; Soto King’s Chicken Soup paired with Aceypalooza Pale Lager; Chopped Veggie Salad paired with Amadeus Vienna Lager; Nyona Style Fried Fish paired with Bernoulli’s Belgian Pale Ale; and an Indonesian Spice Cake paired with Ripple Effect Rye.
Tickets are available by calling 501-313-5645
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