Stone’s Throw Brewing Expands Taproom, Adds Additional Taps and Seating

Ever been to Stone’s Throw Brewing, excited for a new, funky brew, only to discover a standing-room-only situation? While the biergarten is nice, you have to rely on crazy Arkansas weather for it to be your destination of choice.
After 2016 this will be a problem of the past, as the brewery hopes to unveil their expansion project, which is currently underway.
The retail space at that most recently housed East Ninth Vintage is now under the brewery’s lease. Many may also remember the space as a barber shop which was last operational in 2012.
The project will more than double available seating, adding 16 new spots as well as additional taps. Ian Beard of Stone’s Throw says, “That means we’ll have more taps – two on nitro. We’ll have seven taps dedicated to our year round and seasonal options, and then five will be dedicated to our limited releases.”
Those who have been to the Brewery before know that the taproom can get a little loud during peak hours. Beard feels the expansion will help address that issue – “It’s going to be a nice addition, not just because of the extra seating it will provide, but also because it will be a quiet little nook.”
The space will be also be available for private events and rentals, adding a new option for Stone’s Throws fans.
Like before, the crew has DIYed this project as much as possible, so don’t worry about the brewery losing its identity. There will be a barn-like door connecting the spaces and a bar modeled after the existing one in the expanded space. The added room will also make service more efficient, a win-win for everyone.
Beard says, “Our niche is variety and this expansion fuels that. We’ll be able to play around more, which will be fun.”

Author: Becca

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