Summer at the Lake Food Guide

Growing up in Central Arkansas, summers always meant trips to one of the lakes around the Hot Springs/Arkadelphia area. Most years we would spend more time by the water than home. I even decided to go to college just a few minutes from Lake Degray and spent a summer working at a camp on Lake Catherine.
The lake culture is deeply rooted in Arkansas. It is no surprise then that as food tourism has increased, so have the quality of dining options around Arkansas’ best lakes. Nothing is better than a summer day on the lake followed by nice meal or quality craft beer just miles from the boat ramp.
There are plenty of options too. This year we have covered some of the best craft beer options, date night dining, and quick casual getaways in the area known as the Diamond Lakes region of Arkansas. There are also plenty of destinations right on the various lakes and state parks themselves in the area.
We put together an interactive map to help with planning your summer in Arkansas. So whether you are at Lake DeGray, Ouachita, Hamilton, Catherine, Greeson, or just visiting the region, you will always find good food and craft beer around the corner.
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