Tacos Godoy Brings Authentic Mexican to the Streets of Little Rock

The food business is and will always be about vision, family and good recipes. Tacos Godoy, an unmistakable blue food truck in Little Rock, is no exception to this rule. Alejandro Gutierrez, his wife, Brandi, and his mother, Marcelina, are all about their fresh-from-scratch Mexico City-style tacos. Alejandro originally wanted to open up as a brick-and-mortar restaurant; however, the cost was too steep.
Pushed by his wife upon returning home from visiting family in Mexico, Brandi told her husband that the time for action was now. Purchasing their truck in February 2019, the Gutierrez family quickly started to master his mother’s original recipes. Cutting no corners, their dreams quickly turned into reality and the Tacos Godoy food truck was launched in March 2019.
Starting with their hand-pressed, homemade corn tortillas, the Gutierrez family works to ensure that the basics are always followed. Everything is made fresh, from the tomatillo and salsa roja down to the Puerco en Salsa Verde (chopped pork in green sauce). Alejandro sticks to what he was taught by his mother Marcelina.

“When I came back to the states my mother told me that she had to teach me to cook,” said Alejandro. “She said there’s nothing but burgers and hot dogs and no one will be there to cook for you.” Now blessed with his mother living two doors down, she helps with all the prep work and presses the tortillas on the truck herself.
Alejandro says that he has always loved the kitchen, so much so that when writing his business proposal, he used the original letter that he wrote to himself as a boy as inspiration. Alejandro also continues to innovate by trying out new things. His latest special Raja Con Crema, featuring traditional guisado, poblano pepper with crema and queso is exquisite. The full-time menu features asada tacos marinated to perfection and topped with finely diced cilantro and onion. The addition of the tomatillo and roja salsas makes this one of the best asada tacos in the city.

Tinga de Pollo, a delectable shredded chicken in chipotle sauce, is full of flavor. Papas con Chorizo, a simple potato and Mexican sausage taco, is equally filling and delicious. And Tacos Godoy always has an agua fresca on the menu. These are light, non-alcoholic beverages made from one or more fruits or seeds blended with sugar and water. This month, Godoy is offering a refreshing a Hibiscus Auga Fresca to round out the mainstays on the menu.
Tacos Godoy operates Tuesday through Saturday with special pop-ups at different places around the city. They post a weekly schedule so be sure to follow them on Instagram @tacosgodoylr and on their Facebook page to keep up with their schedule and specials.

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