Take a Peek at Forty Two's New Summer Menu

Forty Two, located inside the Clinton Library, is set to release its summer menu tomorrow, May 5.
“Summer is one of my favorite times of year to sit down and hatch out the new menu. We change ours seasonally (about 5 times a year), but for some reason, summer is always the one I am most excited about. I guess it’s because fall/winter are very similar as far as regional ingredient availability, so by the time you get through both, we are ready to work with a lighter fare and brighter flavors. I always get excited about reconnecting with some of our farmers and ranchers that don’t really sell much in the winter. It’s like seeing that buddy from high school every year when you come back home to visit your folks. Always sparks some excitement and creativity for getting ready to write a menu this time of year,” says executive chef Stephen Burrow.
Chef Burrow has always been a big supporter of the utilizing local ingredients in his kitchen, but this new seasonal menu has taken on an even greater purpose.
“We are starting a new campaign this summer to educate the public on which items are locally sourced, as well as tying our brands together with several of our local purveyors. In a time where everyone seems to be jumping on the foodie train, and a time where especially our local dining scene is growing stronger each day, we need to take advantage of the opportunity and put good food in people’s stomach that is going to support our regional farmers,” says Burrow.
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He continues, “Hopefully, this will ensure a longevity for our network of grassroots economics that support so many of our communities and families across the state and across the Delta as a whole. If we can take a trend, one that is actually healthy and promotes a better lifestyle, and turn it back into a permanent staple, that’s the end game. I truly support any of our other local restaurant industry colleagues that want to do the same in any way that we can. I want to see as many people get on board with this as possible, and hope to utilize my work at the Clinton Foundation to do so.”
Along with an eye towards local ingredients, the new summer menu also includes a variety of lighter options. “We are only offering four ‘blue plate style’ stationary entreés. However, three of the salads are more of a composed dish than a typical salad, per se. Take the ‘Eloté Salad’ for instance, with no type of lettuce. It is featured with cold smoked and grilled corn, cut from the cob, and tossed with ANP micro cilantro, charred shishito peppers, Cotija, and ancho glazed Circle K pork belly. We finish it with a squeeze of lemon juice and a cilantro emulsion. Still light, yet nourishing and substantial. This is the direction we really wanted to take it for the season,” says Burrow.
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And the creativity doesn’t stop there. “The other thing we are doing for this menu is offering one Paleo item out of our four daily specials. We are doing this as our #dinospecial, to go with the Dinosaur exhibit at the library (which, if you’re a big kid like me, you have to see). We are also doing a section that has some of our extremely quick, get you in and out items, for the people that only have a few minutes to grab a bite on their break from work.”
Below you’ll find the complete new summer menu at Forty Two. Make sure to check out the hashtags throughout the menu highlighting local products. Forty Two will have weekly specials like 15% off your meal one week and free desserts next week. In order to redeem the special, you will have to check in on Facebook and either post a picture of your food with one of our hashtags or use one of the menu hashtags and #fortytwo on Twitter.
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