Thanksgiving 2018 Ordering Guide

It is that time of year again. Time to see those family members you forget about the other 364 days of the year. Don’t count on cousin Eddy to handle the turkey this year, there are plenty of fantastic local spots who can do it for you and much better.
Each year we do this round it up seems there are more and more local places offering Thanksgiving catering. This year’s selection is bigger than any previous year and includes a fantastic variety. Stay traditional with turkey, or go with some jagerschnitzel from the Pantry. Either way, you will not lose with any of these places. Keep an eye on order deadlines as well, many close tomorrow or Monday.

Sauced – Smoked turkey, along with a variety of sides, pecan and pumpkin pie. Order by the 18th.
South on Main – Smoked turkey, dressing, a variety of casseroles and sides, fantastic rolls, a variety of pies. Order by the 19th.
TAE – Meatloaf, cornbread, a variety of sides, a variety of desserts. Order by the 19th, delivery options available.
Cinnalightful – pumpkin pie and apple pie cheesecakes. Order by the 19th
Honey Pies – Pies, various desserts. Order by the 18th.
42 Bar and Table – Smoked, Roasted or Stuffed Turkey, dressing, sides, desserts. Order by the 16th
Black Hound BBQ – Smoked and Fried turkeys, ribs, chicken, brisket, ham, pork butt. Order by the 18th
Capital Hotel – Turkey, fresh roasted in the morning on Thanksgiving day for still-warm pickup. Order by the 19th.
Lost Forty – Smoked Turkey, sides, beer. Order by the 18th
Trio’s – Sides, appetizers, desserts. Order by the 18th
Boulevard Bread – Turkey, stuffing, sides, desserts. Order by the 19th
Old Mill Bread – Bread, obviously. Order soon.
Burges – Turkeys, Ham, smoked turkey salad (just order a gallon and thank me later).
Pantry – All their normal apps, entrees, and desserts. Order by the 19th
Loblolly – Ice cream, Cakes, Cookies, Hot cocoa, Side of Sprinkles.
Count Porkula – Meats and sides. Order by the 19th
Three Sams – Turkey, dressing, gravy, and various meats and desserts. Go ahead and order an extra peanut butter pie for yourself. Order by the 16th.
Simply the Best – Various turkey styles, ham, sides, desserts, holiday packages. Order by the 16th.
Heritage Catering – Turkey, ham, sides, desserts. Order by the 16th
Cathead’s Diner – Pie, turkey, sides.

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