The 2015 Around The World Thursdays Dinner Schedule At Forty-Two

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting and interesting dinner events I attended over the last year came from the Around the World Thursday dinner events at Forty Two. This is a monthly event in which Chef Stephen Burrow explores cuisine from all across the globe and creates a multi-course menu centered around a particular country or region’s cuisine. In the past, Chef Burrow has successfully and skillfully crafted menus from Ireland, Japan, Norway, and Hungary and many more.
Last year, I was fortunate to attend the dinners featuring fare from Korea and Bologna, Italy. Both events were fantastic, but the Korean dinner was definitely one of the most memorable meals I ate in 2014. It’s quite impressive to see a young chef like Burrow taking on concepts and flavors that are often foreign to him and his guests, but executing these meals with such skill. I’m sure he’ll even admit that some dishes are more successful than others—which is expected when you’re pushing the proverbial envelope—but he’s certainly proven himself time and time again to those who’ve frequented these one-of-a-kind dinners.
We have the 2015 Around the World Thursdays schedule below. These always take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Chef Burrow says he typically doesn’t finalize these menus until closer to the event, so you’ll likely be going into these dinners without knowing what you’re going to get…but I promise you, that’s  part of the reason these dinners are such a joy.
These events have become very popular, so if you’d like to get in on one, you’ve got to plan ahead. Give Forty Two a call (501-537-0042) and put your name on a revolving wait list for one of the coming months. Burrow says this is really the best way to ensure you get into future events. It also deserves mentioning that at only $27.95 per person, this 4 or 5 course dinner is one of the best values in town.
Here’s your schedule for the upcoming year:
January 15 – Wine (event has passed)
February 19th – Belgium
March 19th – Ireland
April 16th – Philippines
May 21st – Mexico
June 18th – Thailand
July 16th – Finland
August 20th – Mongolia
September 17th – Jamaica
October 15th – Beer
November 19th – Peru
December 17th – Poland

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