The Junkie: Bacon-Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza From Little Caesars

There are certain foods you eat, even though you know you shouldn’t. You may not be proud of it, you may not want to admit it to anyone…but you eat it anyway. Perhaps it’s the novelty of the thing, or some morbid fascination with twisted new food items. In this new series, we’ll be exploring these fantastical foods brought to us by some of America’s most beloved restaurant franchises. This is The Junkie. First up, the Bacon-Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza from Little Caesars…and what a way to begin:
With Little Caesars newest addition to the menu, they challenge America to really consider the question, “Is everything really better with bacon?” Today’s society has become completely bonkers over bacon…bacon on cupcakes, bacon in ice cream, bacon in pancakes, bacon mayonnaise, bacon-wrapping steaks, chicken, and hot dogs. Where does the madness end? With the introduction of Little Caesars new deep dish pizza, with a crust wrapped in bacon, I imagine we won’t be seeing the end of the bacon barrage any time soon.
I waltzed into my local Little Caesars recently and gave them my $13 for their latest creation. After ordering, I was informed it would take about 10 minutes to get my pizza out…which was fine, I was in no hurry. I watched as a long line of customers formed behind me…many of them also ordering up this bacon-wrapped curiosity for themselves. And in seemingly no time at all, I was presented with my order…piping hot, begging to be eaten.
The bacon wrapped pizza is, as I mentioned above, a “deep dish” pie. Truth be told, Little Caesars’ regular deep dish pizza is actually not half bad, especially when you can grab it hot and fresh from the oven. The crust is thick and buttery, but soft and crispy at the edges. The cheese and sauce (especially while still hot) are not bad either…certainly not the finest money can buy, but enjoyable nonetheless. When you order a large deep dish pie (and this bacon pizza is no different), they actually serve you two smaller rectangular pizzas in one large box, each half made up of 8 square slices. It’s a good amount of food for the price…enough for even the biggest appetites.
With the bacon-wrapped pie, a single strand of bacon lines every edge of the pizza. Additionally, they add chopped bacon bits on top…all swimming in a sea of cheese, tomato, and pepperoni. It really is a whopping dose of bacon.
But in the end, I’d have to say I found all this bacon unnecessary. The regular pizza is greasy and buttery enough…the added bacon takes it a bit over the top. And it’s also not the highest quality bacon, either…not that I was expecting it would be. But low-quality bacon, especially when cooked in an oven can be a bit flimsy and chewy at times, which this was.
Would I order Little Caesars Bacon-Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza again? Probably not…it’s a bit too excessive for me. But I’ll certainly be back for their regular deep dish, which I still enjoy from time to time…and being able to pick up a pizza to-go, at a drive-thru, without even needing to order ahead, is a convenience that allows Little Caesars to stay ahead of several of their pizza competitors.

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