The Junkie: The S'mores Oreo, And An Oreo Mini-Rant

Over the last several years, the sly folks at Oreo have frequently enticed customers into buying more of their products by constantly putting out new flavor combinations—some more intriguing than others, but often interesting enough to seduce customers to at least sample their latest creation. For me, it’s generally been a successful tactic. But in my experience, these new Oreo varieties have been met with mixed results—everything from decent to disastrous.
I will admit, I’ve become a big fan of their “Golden Oreo”, and I’m glad they seem to be a permanent fixture. Of course, if you also belong to “Team Filling” (as opposed to “Team Cookie”) you’ve welcomed the addition of the delectable “Double Stuf”…and the even more diabolical “Mega Stuf”…the ultimate in filling fantasies. And the “Birthday Cake” and “Cookie Dough” varieties, even the “Red Velvet”…they’ve been decent enough, but not so great to warrant much repeat business.
On the other hand, the Oreo lab has churned out some downright disgusting cookies over the years. The hot pink “Berry Burst” comes to mind, and the “Cotton Candy”, but the pinnacle of putrid came from the red and green colored “Watermelon” flavor…a cookie that never should have seen the light of day. I still regret the day I ever laid a tongue on that one.
And now, the Oreo masterminds have done it again—enticing America to shell out their money and stalk their local grocery stores to hunt down their latest creation, the “S’mores Oreo,” which some Oreo fans have lovingly dubbed the “S’moreo.” This s’mores cookie was originally not supposed to hit shelves until today (May 22), but in efforts to ramp up sales for Memorial Day weekend, they’ve decided to put them out a few days earlier, and this latest flavor has actually been on shelves for a couple days now. I snagged a box last night…and thus, like the sucker I am, I’ve given in to that small part in each of us that loves a novelty product and feels the need to try it.
The verdict: The S’moreo is certainly not on the disgusting side of the spectrum. This product boasts a graham flavored cookie with a blend of marshmallow and chocolate flavored creams. The cookie itself is respectable, and truly delivers on the promised graham flavor. But unfortunately, there’s essentially nothing remotely “marshmallow” about the filling…essentially the white filling here tastes no different than the classic white filling they’ve always used. In the end…decent? Yes. S’mores? No. Do I need to buy them again? Probably not.
Whether you believe the mutant Oreos should continue or you are staunchly limiting yourself to the good ole’ classic black and white, we can all agree that the Oreo is a legend among cookies. The s’mores flavor will (likely) not last forever…and I have no problem with that. But I’m sure this won’t be the last time the Oreo flavor-masters rope me into buying another of their novelty products. I also have no problem with that.

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