The Pizzeria at Terry’s Releases Debut Fall/Winter Drink Menu

The cozy atmosphere inside The Pizzeria at Terry’s is largely due to the beautiful floor to ceiling, cellar-style bar area. In fact, as Bar Manager Dillon Garcia says,
“We had the idea that this space would originally be a bar-only.” Earlier this month, the Pizzeria made news that they will be moving down the street, and Garcia is pumped for the change, although he did say to expect a just-as-cozy atmosphere at the new location.
That’s not the only thing changing at the eatery, and Garcia is also excited to roll out his first full-blown seasonal cocktail menu. Although he creates nightly specials that often reflect the seasons, the new menu is the first time he’ll have a fair few options, that in this case, are aimed to help you warm up from the cold.

Fans of the Old Fashioned or Sazerac will definitely want to try the Bitter Sipper. The drink will warm you up, and includes Old Forester Bourbon, Courvoisier VSOP, Carpano Antica Vermouth, Benedictine, Orange Bitters, Aromatic Bitters, and Peychaud’s Bitters, served on a giant rock with a lemon twist. Garcia says, “It’s a heavy whiskey cocktail – a slow sipper for sure. … That Benedictine gives it a nice herbal flavor and helps really bring out the fall aspect to it.” Although fully-loaded, this drink goes down surprisingly smooth … just don’t order too many in quick succession.
If you want whiskey with a sweeter spin, give the Autumn Bliss a try. Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, mixed with Cinnamon, Cranberry Juice, and a freshly made Sweet and Sour come together in this cocktail. Garcia says, “It’s really good. It’s just a shot of Basil Hayden’s and then a little cinnamon, a splash of cranberry juice and our house made sweet and sour mix. I don’t buy anything I can make myself.” You’ll be in autumnal bliss with this drink – a perfect way to toast the evening.
If you’re craving a wintry treat, you’ll definitely want to try the Macadoodle. Think “cinnamon macaroon” in drink form. Henry McKenna Bourbon, Rumchata, Coconut Milk, Fresh Nutmeg, and oven roasted Coconut make this delightful drink. Garcia laughingly says, “The Macadoodle is one that actually took me a while to get right.” Thankfully he stumbled upon the milk, as he says, “Once I put the coconut milk in there, the consistency was right and the flavor was right.” This drink is perfect for those harboring a sweet tooth.
If you need a bit of caffeine, give the Italian Coffee a try. A nice twist on the popular Irish Coffee, it comes with Ristretto Espresso, Nocello Walnut Liqueur, Lazzaroni Amaretto, and Cream. It’s sweet, but balanced and quite pretty to look at. Don’t forget the festive shooter. The Frostbite includes the Rumchata, Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire, and Dark Kona Coffee Liqueur. Garcia says, “The Rumchata has been kind of a hip thing lately. It’s a newer thing that’s started to come out … And although it can be a little too sweet for cocktails it’s perfect in a shooter.”
The new drink menu is guaranteed to both warm you up and cure your holiday sugar cravings. Get out to The Pizzeria at Terry’s to give it a try.

Author: Becca

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