The Southern Table Creates a Unique Brunch Experience

A few years ago the Little Rock brunch scene was desolate. Only a few places served a weekend brunch and it was clear that even with those few, brunch was not a primary focus.
How things changed rapidly. Now there are dozens of great brunch spots with more popping up every day. The hardest thing now is standing out in an overly crowded brunch scene and bringing something new to the table. Standing out is exactly what the Southern Table manages to do with their new Saturday brunch offerings.
The menu is intentionally limited at the moment. Southern Table is offering three breakfast “bruschettas” in the form of lox, eggs florentine with bacon, or eggplant and tomato confit. These are served two, each on half of an English muffin along with grits and preserves. You get an option of a mimosa or a bloody brew, which substitutes the vodka or gin in a bloody mary with beer, to go along with your meal.
While limited, the menu was at least something different than what most brunch menus tend to focus on, which is something very refreshing in the brunch scene. We tried the lox and the eggs florentine during our visit and found both enjoyable.

“We wanted to perfect a few offerings before going on to more,” owner Margie Raimondo says. “We will slowly introduce more items in the weeks to come, it will be exciting to see what is next.”
Some of the possible items included french toast and beignets.
It is good to see Southern Table bringing in brunch. Their patio is quite possibly the most brunch-friendly setting in all of Little Rock. You quickly forget that you are sitting in the driveway of a former auto garage. It feels more like something nestled in a California winery, especially on a cool Saturday morning. It feels tailor-made for brunch.
The Southern Table’s brunch is Saturday only and starts at 10.

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