This July’s Sessions at South On Main was curated by the one and only, trumpeter Rodney Block.

Block first saw the positive effects of music in church, and from that moment on, he wanted to be a musician. “I’ve always wanted to play in front of folks,” Block explained. “Especially seeing first-hand how music can change the dynamic of a room.” He picked up the trumpet, and though it took him until high school to get any serious instruction on the instrument, you wouldn’t know it from the cool that he plays with. “[Though] my first [influences are in] gospel music—like Reverend James Cleveland, The Winans, and Commissioned)—Miles Davis became my standard [regarding the] sound [and] tone of the trumpet.”

Though he has a day job as a medical infusion representative, Block still finds the time to play in and around Little Rock on evenings and weekends and has been a fixture of the scene for quite some time.

The list of musicians Block has chosen for this month’s sessions reflect not only his background in jazz, soul, and gospel, but also the wider interests of the Little Rock scene. You should definitely do yourself a favor and check out at least one of these shows.

July 13—TP & The Feel—led by trombone player Emanuel “Tiko” Brooks and saxophonist Phillip Mouton (the ‘T’ and the ‘P’ in “TP”), they blend rhythm and blues with jazz standards to create syrup on the stage. They bring a big sound that audiences and rat pack fans alike are sure to love, though I’m sure they’ll tailor their playing to the intimacy of the South on Main stage.

July 19—Synrg—is a band that melds hip-hop with good old fashioned rhythm and blues and just a dash of jazz to create something high energy that will get any party started. If you like to dance, or if you just like a sing-along chorus, this is the group for you to see.

July 26—Tawanna Campbell—I’m not sure if you were at the PJ Morton show, but if you were, you probably remember Ms. Campbell. She possesses an incredibly strong stage presence to go with a voice that can run the gamut from Patti LaBelle to Alicia Keys in a single line. Her chops are unheard of and she will certainly bring it when she takes the stage.

All the sessions shows are all-ages and begin at 8:30pm. Join the conversation on all social media outlets using the hashtag #SessionsAtSOM.

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