Time to Build for the Future of Little Rock

Over the past eight years we poured our heart and soul into the digital pages here on Rock City Eats and our various other publications. The reason I started Rock City Eats and work hard at it for far less pay that I could get doing other things is that I believe in building for the future of our state through developing a strong culture and promoting locally owned businesses.
You may have noticed that things are a little quieter than normal around here. Part of that is the overall lack of changes happening due to COVID, but a big part is that I’ve been spending a significant portion of my time running for Little Rock City Director in position 10, which is at large and city wide.
Over the past several years when talking to residents and small business owners I’ve heard the same thing, Little Rock seems stuck in the past. You can see it in decisions like expanding the interstates, holding back our local schools, refusing safe housing to renters, giving away valuable city resources, and taking a short term approach on crime.
It ends up costing us great businesses, brilliant entrepreneurs, and valuable citizens that decide to go elsewhere.
There are certainly some forward thinking directors on the board, but it is not enough to create a forward thinking voting block. When evaluating the voting records of every board member, the choice became clear to run in position 10. The incumbent Joan Adcock was elected in 1992, the same year Clinton became president, and regularly admits that she votes the same way as she did when elected.
In that same period we have had 3 Mayors, 4 Governors, 4 Presidents, 3 Popes, and 10 Razorback football coaches. To say the city has changed a bit in that time would be an understatement.
In addition to working with small businesses with Rock City Eats, I also serve as the president of Little Rock’s Downtown Neighborhood association. I work every day with citizens and businesses across the city to help find them resources on the city and state level to solve their needs. I know what it takes to get the job done.
For me, this position is about building for the future. If we can’t provide a better education system that is locally represented, more equitable planning across the city, an approach at crime that works to reduce crime rates long term, support for our locally owned businesses, and an approach at housing that isn’t driven by powerful special interest, then I fear our city will decline. I already see developers pulling out, entrepreneurs looking elsewhere, and the balance of power and culture in the state shifting to the Northwest area.
We can’t wait another 4 years to address these changes, and quite honestly we shouldn’t have waited 28 years to look to the future.
I intentionally try not to get political here, but this is important for me. Please consider voting for me, Greg Henderson, for Little Rock Board position 10. You can find out more on my personal website, or ask me any questions here. You can also help me run by donating to my campaign funds.

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