Top Vegetarian Dishes in Little Rock

Believe it or not, not everyone enjoys eating meat. Crazy, right? Well, herbivores … you’re in luck. Here are the top vegetarian dishes in Little Rock!
BBQ Veggie Sandwich at Southern Salt
This is just a wonderfully creative take on your typical bbq sandwich, filled with red cabbage, mushroom and a various assortment of veggies. Cost: $7
Tomato Pie at E’s Bistro
This is the only dish I’ve yet to eat on the list, but I’ve heard excellent things, so I’ll include it. E’s tomato pie consists of a phyllo shell stuffed with sliced tomatoes, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and baked until crispy. Cost: $10
The Garden Sandwich at Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches
This one comes on pumpernickel and includes Swiss, cheddar and Provolone cheese, along with sunflower seeds and that wonderful spinach pate. Cost: $7.55
Grilled Romaine Hearts at The Pantry
It’s half a head of Romaine lettuce grilled to perfection and then topped with Caesar dressing and shaved Parmesan cheese. One of my favorite things at The Pantry … and that’s saying something. Cost: $8.50
Charred Romaine with Israeli Couscous, Shiitake & Grilled Onions at South on Main (dinner service only)
Hey, so I likes me some Romaine lettuce. SoM’s take comes in the form of grilled leaves wrapped around a pile of Israeli couscous. And while the gift package of couscous is awesome, the star of this plate is the shiitake. Cost: $16
Tofu Scrambler at The Root Café
How does “organic tofu seasoned with tumeric, cumin, & nutritional yeast and scrambled with grilled onions and peppers,” sound? Cost: $5.75
Large House Salad at Vino’s Brew Pub
Don’t laugh, Vino’s makes one of the better salads in town. The Chef’s is better, but comes with meat, so you’ll have to opt for a large house salad. This comes with a mix of iceberg and Romaine lettuce, along with onions, green peppers, olives, mushrooms and cheese. Cost: $4.95
Veggie Burger at Solfood Catering
Another dish I’ve written quite a bit about. Why? Because it’s the best veggie burger I’ve come across in Little Rock. Just trust me and head to the Hillcrest Farmers Market on Saturday mornings to find out for yourself. Cost: $6
Spaghetti Chittara at Vesuvio Bistro
One of Little Rock’s most iconic dishes … they bring an 88-pound cheese wheel right to your table and toss your pasta in it. Cost: N/A
Fried Brussels Sprouts at Table 28
These are fried Brussels Sprout leaves for goodness sake! Fried! How bad can these be? Answer, not very. Cost: $6
Hand Made Pasta with Grilled Veggies at Milford Track
This fantastic fettucini pasta is tossed with a selected sauce and topped with the best grilled vegetables in town- an assortment of green beans, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, broccoli and carrots. Cost: $8.50
Carrot Slaw Salad at The Fold (seasonal)
Keep an eye out for this dish, because it’s a must-order when on the menu. This gorgeously fresh bowl of shoestring-shaped carrots is my favorite dish on The Fold’s menu. Cost: appx. $5-$6
Vegetable Fajitas at Casa Manana
A big mess of grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms stewing in warm crushed tomatoes, this version is far superior to Casa Manana’s beef fajitas. Seriously. Cost: $9.99 (for one person)
Traditional Waffle at Waffle Wagon
Hey, vegetarians still like to party … not every dish has to be healthy. Many folks may not realize this, but you can actually get just a traditional waffle at Waffle Wagon. And it’s damn good! Cost: $6
Beans & Greens Taco Plate at Local Lime
Served on corn tortillas, these tacos come with guacamole, sauteed zucchini, Cojita chees, verde tomatillo salsa, Mexican crema and cilantro. Any excuse you have to eat more cilantro is a good one. Cost: $10
The Squash Blossom Veggie Sandwich at Hillcrest Artisan Meats
As written many times, the best veggie sandwich in town is found at a place called H.A.M. Go figure. This multi-grain bread sandwich is packed with sprouts, red onion, avocado, alfalfa sprout, pepper jack cheese and aioli. Pass on the chips, in favor of the lentils. Cost: $7.50
Vegetable Plate at Bobby’s Country Cookin’
Remember, you don’t HAVE to get the fried chicken at Bobby’s. In fact, I’ve had the 3 Vegetable Plate + Roll and it’s pretty darn good … and it’s cheap. Cost: $6

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