Trash Creamery Mixes Fun Ice Cream and '80s Nostalgia

There are more than a few of us out there that were children of the ’80s. Many of the memories of childhood, the good ones anyway, were eating bowls of sugary cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons. It is a feeling that Trash Creamery in Bentonville captures from the moment you walk in the door, and an atmosphere they will look to duplicate as they put the second location in Argenta next year.
Trash Creamery is the newest concept from Tusk and Trotter owner Rob Nelson and is part of his Pig and Swig Hospitality group. The Bentonville location opened this past summer at 401 SW A Street in Bentonville, and he is looking to bring the concept to Argenta this upcoming summer along with the Tusk and Trotter location in the First Orion building.
The idea is simple and fantastic. You start with either a vanilla or chocolate ice cream base, then you “trash” it with a huge variety of breakfast cereals, candy bars, and other completely delicious (and perfectly unhealthy) toppings. Then they pulverize it all together in a machine that looks like a giant cartoon drill bit that results in a whole new ice cream flavor based on what you picked. It is topped and served alongside ’80s memorabilia and games with movies and music playing in the background.

“I love ice cream, and I loved growing up in the ’80s. Trash was the perfect opportunity to explore both of those passions,” Nelson explains. “There are a lot of things we take seriously in the culinary world, ice cream should not be one of them. We just want to get in here and have a good time.”
A good time is something that manager Sara Cockrum has curated perfectly in the space. They host a wide variety of movie nights, costume parties, special events, and more to keep things fresh and alive.
“The whole place feeds on atmosphere,” Cockrum says. “We try to always keep it fun in here.”
The menu features a number of “mixtapes”, which are house combinations that they have worked out to be delicious. All of the items are named after 80’s songs such as the “Karma Cameleon” and the “I Think We’re Alone Now”. If you are not satisfied with that or get experimental, you can pick from over 60 different toppings. They even did a project recently that given up to 4 toppings and 2 ice cream choices you can make over 10,000,000 flavor combinations at Trash.
The Bentonville location is open now and the Argenta location is going to open up sometime in late spring / early summer.

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