Trio’s New Cocktail Menu Takes On Fall Flavors

Whether the weather’s ready or not, it’s time to enjoy fall with some flavors that make this time of year stand out. Head Bartender and Bar Manager Merrick Fagan of Trio’s Restaurant is ready in the wings with a drink or two to wow you.
Trio’s releases their new bar menu later this week, and we have a sneak peak of the autumn goodness.
Fagan relies on brandy to bring everything together this go-round, saying, “I feel like it is neglected as a spirit category … [and it’s] just such a diverse category.” Think every flavor from grapes and pears to plums and currants – a perfect base for fall tastes.
First up, try the Undercurrant. The drink has a French Brandy base paired with Lemon Juice and Creme de Cassis.
Fagan says, “This is really just super simple, the currant flavor comes through, which I think is a solid fall flavor, and one that Americans aren’t as familiar with.” It’s an easy-drinker, and definitely worth a taste or two.

Next up, you have to try the Keelhauler.
This tiki tastes like all the goodness of a fall table setting – spicy, nutty, and balanced. It comes with a base of Pyrat rum – hence the name – as well as Lime Juice, Passion Fruit Liqueur, Housemade Orgeat, Angostura bitters, and a float of Plantation OFTD. PRO TIP: Sit at the bar while you sip on this one for a show.
Fagan explains: “This drink is fun because when it’s served at the bar it’ll be served on fire. It’ll still be fun out in the restaurant, but not lit for safety reasons. It’s a little on the stronger side because of that overproof rum, but for a tiki drink it’s not anything too crazy.”
Negroni lovers will be interested in Fagan’s latest take – ‘Nilla Waiver. Fagan takes his inspiration from cocktail destinations across the US where the latest includes infusing Campari with cacao nibs.
He says, “I thought that sounded cool, so I went with chocolate adjacent flavors – vanilla and coffee.”
Together with Campari, Vanilla Vodka, and Rocktown’s Coffee Liquor, this drink begs a second order. The flavors are surprising, which was Fagan’s intention, without being over bitter or sweet. It’s a true fall-forward gem on this menu.
Finally, check out the Walk Together Again, a reference to the White Stripes’ “I Think We Are Going To Be Friends” which is the quintessential fall song to Fagan. Think nostalgia, back-to-school everything, and a barrel of fall-forward fruit like apples and figs.
This is just the beginning. Stop by at Trio’s yourself to check out the entire new menu this Thursday.

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