Trucksgiving 2015 is a Wrap

Our second annual Trucksgiving food truck festival in Bryant wrapped up this Saturday. The official estimate is still being calculated, but I believe we at least doubled the turnout from last year.
For those of you who missed it, Trucksgiving each year is a partnership event we do with First Methodist Bryant to bring the best food trucks together for what is typically the last major truck gathering of the year. Along with that we work with several top charities to set up and tell about the various mission work that they do throughout the year.
This year 10 trucks participated, with Bash Burgers having to miss due to an unfortunate truck issue shortly before the festival. The trucks included: Beast Food TruckHot Rod WienersWaffle WagonLoblolly CreameryKatmandu MoMoSlader’s Alaskan DumplingsEl Cubano LocoFathead BBQKincaids Coffee, and New Cheesecake Co.

We paid careful attention to create a high quality and diverse lineup this year, carefully selecting the trucks to participate.
For Rock City this has become a highlight event of our year. I personally love the passion and commitment that the trucks show.
There is something magical about the food truck community, they all rally to help each other out. Just Saturday night alone you can see a worker from one truck (Hot Rod Wieners) filling in for another another truck who was short handed. Gwen from the Beast wrapped up early and immediately ran over to help Fat Head BBQ who had a long line. There was making change, sharing resources, and even a borrowed jumper cable by the end of the night. It really is the best community in all of food.
Speaking of community, it I also have to give a huge compliment to the Bryant community that hosts us every year. When we started planning the first Trucksgiving I was not sure how the people of Bryant would respond, but you all show up in droves to support the food trucks and beg us back each year. So go ahead and mark your calendars for November 12, 2016. We will be back.
Thank you to everyone who came out. If you have a favorite dish or truck from the night, hop over to our Facebook post and let us know.
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