Two West Little Rock Restaurants Close

Two west Little Rock restaurants, La Casa Real and Bill’s Country Kitchen, have closed. While the latter only lasted about six months, La Casa Real (11121 N Rodney Parham Rd) had a more successful run in the Market Place Shopping Center over the past few years.
Unfortunately, it seems that issues with the lease got the best of the restaurant. A sign on the door said the owners would reach out to the public if the restaurant got a new location. I had dined at La Casa Real only once but enjoyed my meal. Here’s hoping the owners can land on their feet again.
Not quite sure what the issues were with Bill’s Country Kitchen (315 N. Bowman Rd), but by several reports, the food coming out of the kitchen wasn’t met with favorable results.  Bill’s didn’t even make it to the 6-month mark. Before Bill’s Country Kitchen, Anatolia’s occupied the space.
As we all know, the restaurant business is a tough one, and closures like these happen far too often.

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