Udelko Shop is the Food Truck for Boutique Clothing

Thanks to our food side, Rock City Eats, we deal with a lot of food trucks around here. I personally handle booking between 10-12 food truck events a year. Mobile cooking is as much of a culture and a lifestyle as it is a way of serving food. So when I got word of a mobile boutique shop I got very interested.

Udelko Shop is very much the food truck equivalent of the boutique clothing world. Owner Holly Barron launched the truck in August and is geared at bringing her clothing options to people in a very similar way that food trucks operate. She sets up on roadsides, public events, farmers markets, art walks, and even private events.

“Fashion and styling has been my creative outlet for as long as I can remember – back to day one of kindergarten I remember being so angry with my mother because she kept insisting I wear my shirt tucked in and that was not the look I wanted,” Barron tells us. “After years of obsessing about owning a boutique, I stumbled upon a fashion truck while visiting the west coast and knew that was what I was going to do. I loved the concept and I love how Little Rock has responded to the food truck industry. So, I searched for the right delivery-style truck, gutted the inside, added shelves, good lighting, hardwood floors and an eye-catching exterior and suddenly I had the makings of what I hope will become a hot trend in Little Rock.”

If you are wondering about the name, it comes from a shop Barron frequently visited while growing up in New York called Udelco, named after the family who owned it.

I have such fond memories of shopping there and it’s probably where the truest expression of my personal style emerged,” Barron explains. “I changed the spelling and now I have a business name that gives me that personal connection and reminder of what I fell in love with years ago.”

The truck has set up at Legends of Arkansas, Main Street Food Truck Festival, HarvestFest, and Hillcrest shop and sip along with several popup events at breweries, restaurants, spas, and other businesses. She will be out this Friday at Bella Vita Jewelry for 2nd Friday Art Night for her next showing.

Currently the truck has everything you would expect in a boutique shop. Leggings, plaid button downs, slouchy sweaters, soft sweater dresses, along with jewelry, scarves and handbags adorn the truck, spilling out to the nearby street or sidewalk. It is a very unique experience for customers, creating a very friendly and open shopping experience.

“The best part has been getting to know the customers… I think that’s why I have so much fun with the fashion truck,” Barron says. “It’s worth it when I get to chat with customers and get to know them and their approach to fashion…and usually their approach to a whole lot more! I’m a girls’ girl and sharing fashion, fun, and conversation with other women brings a certain sparkle to my life. And I’m ALL about the sparkle.”

Barron says she has no immediate plans to open a brick and mortar. She says enjoys the personal nature of running the truck and even if she were to make the transition she would want to keep the truck running and maybe even expand the concept to other cities.

You can find Udelko Shop set up outside Bella Vita this Friday for 2nd Friday Art night along with Loblolly Creamery from 5-8 pm. Stop in, visit with Holly, and get to know the most interesting boutique in the state.

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