Underrated Places: K. Hall and Sons

For whatever reason, whether it’s small size, an out-of-the-way location, or just a lack of publicity, some restaurants tend to fall under the radar with a larger audience. This series takes a look at these Underrated Places.
Where: K. Hall and Sons (1900 Wright Avenue, Little Rock)
The Restaurant: K. Hall is a humble neighborhood market and grocery store situated off Wright Avenue that also doubles as a popular take-out breakfast and lunch counter throughout the day. It’s not much to look at from the outside, and inside you’ll have to wend your way through shelves piled high with produce, canned goods, chips, and baked goods to find yourself in front of the make-shift restaurant. It’s a little jumbled at peak hours when the place is packed with people all vying for the same grub, but be patient, and you’ll be richly rewarded.
The Atmosphere: You order and collect your food at one counter, then pay at another. There’s no seats or tables inside the place, so be prepared to improvise if you plan on eating there…the interior of your car or an outdoor step or curb will do nicely. You’ll have time to roam the market while you wait for your food to cook, but there’s plenty of noteworthy items to peruse—Petit Jean hams, roast chickens, red beans, Leidenheimer French bread, chips, pies and cakes, just to name a few.
The Service: They’re friendly folks, always willing to entertain questions about their menu and groceries, but just as likely engage in talk over football or that day’s weather. Everything comes packed up in red-and-white to-go boxes or plain white styrofoam…but don’t feel obligated to take your food and leave, they’re happy to have you hang around and eat.
The Food: Regulars swear by their bacon cheeseburger, and it’s certainly a good way to go. It’s a no frills, classic thin patty burger with freshly-ground beef, thick, crispy, crackling bacon, finished with the standard fixings—melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, and pickle. A worthy burger, indeed. They’re not something you should consume everyday, but few of their deep fried items are worth noting, too. They’ve got a deep-fried pork chop you’ll want to look into, with a thick crunchy batter-dipped crust and soft meat on the inside. Fried chicken is no slouch either…served piping hot and even better with a sprinkle of hot sauce. But Saturdays are especially exciting. On these “Seafood Saturdays” they serve up heaping plates of boiled crustacean—crawfish, crab legs, shrimp, and lobster tail—seasoned and served hot alongside buttery corn, red potatoes, and spicy red sausage.
The Price: It’s easy to eat well at K. Hall without doing much damage to your wallet. Even the best burgers will run you less than $5. Fried items (pork chops, chicken, or catfish) can be ordered as a meal with fries and a roll for around $3-4 or individually for around $2 per piece. And that generous plate of seafood will only put you back around $10.
The Verdict: Getting more than expected is the overall theme at K. Hall. Like many of the other neighborhood establishments dotting Wright or Asher, it’s weathered and worn exterior can be deceptive…what’s inside is definitely worth your attention.
The Info: Open daily 8 am – 6 pm. 1900 Wright Ave, Little Rock. (501) 372-1513

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