Upcoming Downtown Rooftop Bar and Restaurant Has a Name and Other Updates

We have been waiting (not so) patiently on some more details to emerge about the rooftop bar and restaurant in downtown Little Rock that we announced back in July. The space is set on the top of the opening-any-day Hilton Garden Inn, that appears to be offering reservations starting next week.
We visited with the food and beverage director last week while shooting a series with THV 11, the episode of which will air tonight at 10pm. We found a number of updates to the space. Most notably they have finally settled on a name, AGĀSI 7 : Rooftop Bar and Kitchen. Agasi meaning rooftop, and 7 being a reflection of the floor the space occupies.
The name reflects the Hindi culture of the ownership group. It is something that I really hope to see reflected in the food menu which is still being developed.
While we are still waiting on food direction, the drink side of things seems to be taking shape well. They plan to have a large number of local and regional craft beers on tap, strongly highlighting their offerings. They are also going to be one of the few places experimenting with smoke infused cocktails, which essentially is smoking a wood plank and mixing the smoke back in with the cocktail.
Now that the hotel is on the verge of opening, they are closing in on an opening date for AGĀSI 7. They are targeting the end of October or first of November to open.
A few other minor changes, the side rooftop section that was previously going to be private event only is now going to be just part of the overall space with full seating. This should greatly increase the number of available seats to the space. There are some general rearranging to the original seating we were told as well.
We also were able to use the main elevator for the rooftop for the first time, and thankfully it is a very easy trek into the hotel and up the elevator, something that was a question going in. There is no need to go into the main part of the hotel to reach the elevator, so it should be convenient for locals. If you do decide to explore the hotel though, it is looking very nice based on the quick glance we got at the lobby area.
For a little more on the space check out THV at 10pm tonight (Sept 27th) for our series which includes some on the space.

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