Valentine's Day Delivery with Chef Shuttle

Valentine’s Day is coming up and a few of us like to “spend a little extra time” picking out the right gift. Thankfully we get it, that is why we partnered with Chef Shuttle to deliver the best Valentine’s surprise ever.
Start off with a dozen roses, then pick your choice of local sweet options curated from our Rock City Eats staff.
You can pick from four packages featuring a selection of some of Sweet Love Bakery’s best desserts or a box of chocolates hand crafted in Central Arkansas by Cocoa Rouge. Both Sweet Love and Cocoa Rouge have made their way on multiple of our favorite lists including the best desserts of 2014, so you know they are sure to impress your loved one.
If you have trouble deciding you can add a box of Cocoa Rouge to any package.
Prices start at $50.
Once you make your pick Chef Shuttle will deliver for you Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. So you can surprise your loved one at work (which everyone loves) or make a romantic home delivery on the big day.
If you didn’t get a chance to make Valentine’s Day reservations or just want to have a quiet night in, you can combine delivery from a wide variety of local restaurants on Friday and Saturday night.

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