Waffle Wagon to Hang Up the Iron. Announces Truck Closing

Ask anyone around town about their favorite food trucks and Waffle Wagon will almost always be named. The beloved started rolling out in July 2013 and quickly gained a loyal following. The good times with the Wagon are gone however, we just received word that they have served their last waffle in Little Rock.
The Waffle Wagon was started by Matt Clark and Melissa Melton and very frequently brought unique tastes to everyone’s favorite batter based food. From their spicy chicken and waffles to original creations like the Reese’s Cup filled waffle, the Wagon was a favorite at every food truck event. In fact they were always on the top of our list for our own events.

They made the announcement today in a Facebook post, talking with the two they cite personal reason for closing down the Wagon. The stress of working full time and dedicating a good deal of free time to manning the irons is likely a contributing factor.
Melton began working with Heights Taco & Tamale once they opened, where you can still find her, and Clark recently took a job with Vesuvio. Competing schedules from the two often limited the number of events they were able to attend.
Waffle Wagon will always hold a special role in the local food truck community. They, along with a few others, brought a large change in truck food in Little Rock that was beyond the traditional hot dogs and bbq found previously. With this was a huge rise in awareness and respect for local food trucks. The community flourished during Waffle Wagons time, adding countless festivals and monthly meetups.
Clark and Melton had a strong hand in organizing and running a number of the most popular monthly events. The food truck community remains very tight knit thanks in part to their dedication. The Wagon may no longer be rolling but their influence in the community will continue to drive the success.
Thanks for all the memories Waffle Wagon. You will be missed.

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