Weekly Food Blog Round-Up – March 1

Ice ice baby. The weather in the Natural State this past week has been nothing but classic “Arkansas Weather” … we never know what we’re going to get. Or where. With that, it seems our food bloggers are either eating in, eating out, or just plane eating. Don’ worry, every now and then, there’s a drink to be had, too.
Vanishing Veggie starts us off with a “Vegan Eats Lately” post. The aforementioned ice, snow and wintry mix that has fallen upon the southern sphere hasn’t kept our blogger from having “some tasty meals out.” She gives a veggie perspective on Three Fold Noodle, Forbidden Garden, Layla’s, Izzy’s, and Little Greek. She also shares how to make low carb tofu scramble, and throws in an idea for a rainbow salad as well.
NWA Foodie is cuddled up in the cold, and talks different hummus options, as she says “hummus is on-trend right now.” She takes us through two brands: Eat Well Embrace Life and the Hope brand, with three flavors avocado, beet, and carrot sirachi. Her verdict, “All three were delicious and bursting full of flavor. I loved that they have minimal ingredients and are heavy on the organic and non-GMO ingredients.”
If you’re still cold after all of these lovely topics, what about filling up with some quick oatmeal cookies? Don’t let the cold keep you at home, have no fear, Helloluvvy has it nailed down: “While stuck inside it is sooooo hard to eat healthy.” This week’s food segment offers a healthier cookie recipe in their ten-minute oatmeal spread. “No one ever said healthier snacks had to be complicated. Un-complicate your snacks with this quick treat!”
If dessert rings a bell, join the Arkansas Women Bloggers as they introduce guest Chris Olsen. Olsen – known for home and garden design and as a TV personality – signs on as a part of the Women Blogger’s popular Foodie Friday segment with info on how to make a Tres Leche Cake. The secret to this cake is the ease with which it’s made, as Olsen says, “The truth is that to make a Tres Leche Cake it can take so many steps and lots and lots of time, if anyone knows me, then you KNOW I want things done in as few steps as possible!”
In the ever active Arkansas beer world, Moody Brews debuted their Katchiri Beer this past week. Eat Arkansas was on the scene, when Josiah Moody took to Vino’s, to launch the small batch beer for a special someone. The “very special wedding beer” Moody created for his fiancé is an 8 percent Belgian Farmhouse Ale. If you missed this event, stay tuned with Moody as he’s always creating a limited batch of something delicious.
If you’re looking to head downtown any time soon, be sure and check out Little Rock’s Natchez. Sync Weekly examines the gem of a restaurant this week by discussing the recently new breakfast feature and counting every reason why you should revisit the downtown gem. Overall, the conclusion is positive: “Natchez is doing good things downtown. Little Rock has no shortage of Southern restaurants, but Jones’ take is refreshingly unpretentious. Its new breakfast is a bonus that downtown workers shouldn’t overlook.”

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