Weekly Food Blog Round-Up March 22

This past week was chock full of food news and happenings. In case you missed it, That’s So Raw, the vegan eatery based in Jacksonville, has added Garden Press to their offerings. Chef Ken writes, “To my business partner and I, it was the best next step to providing more health and wellness to our state. We plan on debuting the juice at the first Bernice Garden Farmer’s Market on April 12 and hopefully providing wholesale to local businesses by the end of May just in time for summer break.”
Speaking of the changing seasons, the Delitescent Bean Blog bas a groovy recipe up for how to make delectable pancakes. She writes, “That bunch of bananas that was crisp while the snow was falling has begun attracting freckles … And what are you to do? Turn on some Jack Johnson and get your banana pancake on!” She promises a fluffy stack of goodies as a result of the recipe.
If you would rather welcome spring with a touch of mixology, head over to The Southern Ash blog. This past week for Mixology Monday, DiPippa talks the old fashioned. The resulting Naval Regulation is not a drink to scoff at. “I have been promising to play around more with rum, so this was a chance to use an aged dark rum to give the Old Fashioned a little twist.”
If you’re in the mood for something featuring a little more hops than rum, check out the beer tournament put on by Sync. With the first two rounds behind us, the theme seems to be that strength lies in the new Arkansas brew masters – Lost Forty, Moody Brews, Fossil Cove, Core, and Stone’s Throw. In short, “The second round saw many favorites and longstanding breweries fall out of the running, including Diamond Bear, Vino’s Brewpub and Apple Blossom Brewing Co.” The third round of voting begins Monday, March 22.
Time to revisit an institution in the Little Rock food scene. Little Rock Foodcast heads to Leo’s Greek Castle to check out the breakfast offerings. From pancakes to the Greek Omelet, the Foodcast samples it all, so you know what you’re in for. The consensus is a positive one, “This is the breakfast you grew up with, and it’s executed better than you might expect. It’s further evidence that excellent food doesn’t have to be cutting-edge or avant garde to be delicious. What’s important is that it’s made well, that the kitchen staff cares about the product it’s putting out.”
That’s it for this week’s food blog happenings. Am I missing a great, local blog? Drop me a line, and I’ll check it out.

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