What to Eat at Trucksgiving this Saturday

In case you did not know, for the second year we are holding our food truck festival, Trucksgiving, at First Methodist Bryant(map) this Saturday from 4-7.
This year the weather is expected to be great and the Razorbacks do not go on until 6:15, which means fans can still come out, grab some food, and be back home anywhere in central Arkansas in time for the game.
Trucksgiving has traditionally become one of the last opportunities to try a number of local food trucks before they shut down for the winter. This was the last gathering of the year for many of the trucks involved last year.
What separates our food truck festival is we carefully select each truck for quality, uniqueness, and consistency. It is not an open invite to keep the overall quality up. Naturally there are some other very deserving trucks out there who are unfortunately booked this weekend, so do not look at this as a comprehensive list of the best food trucks, but all of these would belong in that list.
So knowing it is (possibly) your last chance to try some of the best trucks in Little Rock, what should you get? Here is a rundown of each truck.
Beast Food Truck – The Beast is a Paleo food truck, which means basically it is meat heavy and completely gluten-free. Do not let buzzwords sway you one way or another here though. Beast quite simply creates some of the best meats in central Arkansas period, and the best served from a truck by a long shot. Look for tacos using chicken, chorizo, and pork along with the occasional smoked meats or (hopefully) wings.
Hot Rod Wieners – Hot Rod is what a hot dog truck should be. None of this Sam’s choice buns and canned chili mess that ruined hot dog trucks for years in Little Rock. Hot Rod is fresh, from scratch ingredients using top quality buns (from Boulevard Bread) and quality meats. Combine that with some unique toppings and you have the best dog in Arkansas.
Waffle Wagon – Waffle Wagon is sort of our comfort food. Always a great product and they always find a way to surprise us with the toppings on their fat Belgian style waffles. Look for some creative waffle options or stick with the fan favorite spicy chicken and waffles.
Bash Burgers – Bash has been slinging burgers in Benton for about six months now and takes much of the same approach to burgers as Hot Rod does to dogs. Fresh, unique ingredients on a high quality bun is a little of what makes Bash great. Don’t skimp on their sides either. The fries, pickles, and onion rings are fan favorites.
Katmandu MoMo – I have a weak spot for dumplings, and Katmandu MoMo serves up some of the best traditional Mo in the state. These Asian dumplings are hand rolled, often to order, with pork, chicken, or veggie filling and if you have never had proper dumplings they will change your life. Get the fried rice on the side for an interesting and delicious take on the popular dish.
Slader’s Alaskan Dumplings – We strive for diversity of the trucks, so believe me when I say Slader’s is nothing like Katmandu. Yes they are still dumplings, but the taste is like nothing you have had. You get a choice of either meat or potato(veggie) dumplings that are traditional to Alaska where Slader is from. These very spicy dumplings may be one of my favorite foods.
El Cubano Loco – People have begged for years for a good Cuban food truck in Little Rock and El Cubano Loco delivered earlier this year. Go for the cuban sandwich, cuban tacos, and fried plantains for a great taste of Havana.
Fathead BBQ – Fathead is honestly new to us but comes highly recommended from a number of food truck regulars and other truck owners. Fathead is known for some quality catfish and bbq sandwiches, but what is going to get us in line are those amazing looking bbq fries.
Kincaids Coffee – Kincaids is another new truck that rolled out this year (they changed their name from Cafe 7181), and given that it might be a bit chilly we thought you would appreciate the warm sips that the best coffee cart in the area has to offer. Our experience with the cart has been very good and we think it will pair well with the next two on the list.
Loblolly Creamery – Loblolly is practically a staple in the Central Arkansas food scene by now. They are always serving up fantastic ice cream, floats, novelties, and hot chocolate using fresh ingredients. The ice cream is unbelievable, some of the best you will ever have. I would eat this even with 8 ft of snow on the ground, so do not let the cold bother you.
New Cheesecake Co – When New Cheesecake Co came to us last month with the idea to roll out a mobile cart serving up our favorite cheesecake treats in the city I immediately asked if it would be done in time for Trucksgiving. Bad news: it wont. Good News: we are going to set her up with a booth and serve cheesecake anyway.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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