Where to Eat in October

Once upon a time we started a where to eat this month series and then got behind on it. So we are starting things up again with October. Here is a short list of spots to try out this month.
Star of India – As many of you have heard by now, Star of India was burglarized last week. The folks did not make off with much money, but the costs in damages was very high. Restaurants operate on a shoestring budget, so things like this hurt them more than some other small businesses. Add to the fact that the ownership there are some of the nicest folks in the world and their product is top notch. Stop in, have some dinner, and try to support a local establishment dealing with an unfortunate event.
Three Fold – Normally I would say give a spot a few weeks before going in, however things seem to be clicking at Three Fold’s new location on Main Street next to The Rep. The new experience is worth the visit, and there are a few new menu premium menu options to try out.
Any place with a patio – Not sure if you have checked the forecast, but it is going to be perfect patio weather over the next few weeks. Enjoy it while you can, because who knows what next month will bring with Arkansas weather.
Thea Blue Plate Special – There are a ton of solid events this month, but consider checking out the Blue Plate Special. It is nice to have an event where a number of local establishments are represented for you to sample from. If this year is anything like last year, the samplings are some of the most creative small dishes to come out of each respective restaurant.

KamiKaito – North Little Rock is slowly getting better with places to eat. Spots like North Bar help a lot, now you can add KamiKaito to the list. The space is a spin off of Kiyen’s in West Little Rock, and has various mostly Japanese themed dishes. The service still needs some work, so be warned ahead of time, but still it is a great addition to Argenta. It is located in the old Good Food/Argenta Market location next to Mugs.
Harvestfest – I can’t think of another annual outdoor festival in the area that matches the quality of Harvestfest in Hillcrest each year. The food trucks set up have become increasingly better the last few years, and the local restaurants up and down Kavanaugh all showcase themselves well. There is of course way more than food and beer at Harvestfest, but who cares about all that.
Bubba Brews Downtown Hot Springs Taproom – Maybe(?) October will be the month Bubba Brews finally opens their downtown Hot Springs tap room. If so make a plan to head out, we did a menu preview of the food a few months back and it was excellent with some unique plays on traditional dishes like pork belly corndogs.

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