Where to Take Your Valentine to Eat in Little Rock

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick. If you are anything like me, you have not even thought about making a reservation yet for dinner. Thankfully we have you covered with some of the best Valentine’s Day special menus in town. Most of the options below are off-menu, multi-course dinners often with wine pairings. In my experience, these special pre-fixe dinners offer the best possible experiences at an individual restaurant because it gives chefs the opportunity to be creative in ways a standard menu doesn’t.
Make reservations quick, all of these will fill up fast over the next week. Pay attention to wine pairing add-ons and if the tip is included or not as well if you are looking to dine on a budget. Also note, that the normal menu is typically not available on these nights to free up the kitchen to make their specials, and substitutions are often strongly discouraged. So if you do not like what is on the special menu, don’t book it.
Valentine’s Day Dinners
Petit & Keet –  Petit & Keet has a nice 4-course menu lined up with choices on almost every course for $85 (plus a steal on wine pairings for an extra $25). Everything looks excellent, the main course features lamb, a filet or shrimp and grits options. full details
Allsopp and Chapple – A great way to check out one of the newer spots in town is with this 4-course Valentine’s menu. They are featuring surprisingly high-end options on every course for only $75 per person, plus you can save 15% by booking an early reservation. full details
Sauced –  Get a seat for Chef Amanda Ivy’s last meal service at Sauced. She looks to go out with a bang with a 3-course dinner featuring either vanilla-cured salmon or coca and chili rubbed beef tenderloin. Price is $110 per couple or $160 with wine pairings. full details
South on Main – As a girl dad I have two Valentine dates every year, thankfully South on Main gets this better than anyone. For the kids, they have a concert on the Saturday before with mömandpöp that is complete with an art station for them to make their own cards for $5. For the adults, they have a 3-course dinner and a concert featuring Trey Johnson on the big day for $55.
Table 28 – Table 28 always has a great Valentine’s day lineup and has historically been one of our favorite places to go for the day. The three-course menu has a good mix of selections for folks both adventurous and those who like to play it safe, so it is a great balance for most couples. Cost is $80/person. full details
Heritage Grill –  Heritage inside the Marriott is very underrated for nice dining. Their 4-course menu for $125/couple features an option of port glazed short rib or crawfish stuffed snapper. full details
Cache – They certainly know how to create the mood for a nice dinner at Cache, their 30-course menu for $150/couple is likely no exception. The entrees feature a filet, pasta, lamb chops, or lobster tail. full details
Cathead’s Diner – You can finally fulfill your romantic fantasies of having a candlelit date at a diner. Catheads has a soup/entree/dessert lineup for $100 per couple.  full details
Other Options
Flyway / South on Main – February 12th – While not billed as Valentine’s Day dinner, the annual beer dinner is just a couple of days before, it has multiple courses and even has the word love in the event name. So we can throw this in right? The 4-course dinner with beer pairings is $55 and includes some excellent dishes. full details
Four Quarter – Get out for a good concert night at Four Quarter. They are featuring three sets and plenty of beer. Bring your date for a cheap night out, or come single and just wait until Grayson Shelton starts playing and you can probably pick up a date or two. full details
Loblolly – February 14th – You do not have to eat an actual meal to enjoy Valentine’s Day. The folks at Loblolly allow you to skip straight to the dessert with their Dessert Smörgåsbord. It has a wide selection of everything from ice cream to champaign soda. $30 for the board. full details
Flying Saucer – February 14th – You also do not have to be fancy for Valentine’s Day. You can always go full Lady and the Tramp over the Saucer’s spaghetti dinner. If that doesn’t work they have 1/2 off wine bottles and plenty of beer. full details
Fassler Hall – February 10th – Fassler is putting together a great little brunch and local craft market on the weekend before. The market features some of our favorite artists and craftspeople like Bangup Betty and Electric Ghost. It is the perfect time to have a few too many mimosas and pick out a gift. full details
Heritage Catering – February 9th – Heritage is holding another one of their 3-course Chef’s Table dinners the Saturday before to provide something special for people who can’t get away during the week. The $65/person dinner features a rice stuffed chicken breast as the main entree. Also, it is BYOB, so hit the liquor store on your way over. full details

*As always, we do our best to round up the options, but we always miss one or two. If your space has a dinner that fits shoot me an email at greg@rockcityeats.com and I’ll add it in. 

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