You Totally Need This Hot Chocolate In Your Life

Last weekend, when we were all buried under devastating amounts of snow, I was, like many of you, stuck at home. Naturally, like many of you, I turned to cooking and baking to brighten up my day. But there was one thing missing in our home, a crucial ingredient to weathering out any winter blizzard…hot chocolate. I know, it’s such a rookie mistake to go through a snow storm without the hot chocolate. So I was determined, as soon as the roads opened up, to rectify my mistake and obtain some of the finest hot chocolate possible in Little Rock. I knew right where to go.
Now it’s a fact — a scientifically proven fact — that Le Pops serves up the best hot chocolate in this city. Like, experiments have been performed and everything here, folks. How can this be so, you ask? Let me break it down for you. The fabulous hot chocolate at Le Pops can be deconstructed down to a few key elements.
The chocolate: Owner Laurie Harrison spent months working in her secret production laboratory experimenting and tweaking the chocolate to involve varying forms of milk and dark chocolate. The result is a not-too-sweet, not-too-bitter, smooth, rich drinking chocolate that’s bound to please even the snootiest of chocolatiers.
Whole milk: Are you still using water to obliterate and humiliate your hot chocolate? Shame on you. Water has no place in drinking chocolate. Milk, people! Milk! Le Pops is using nothing but fresh whole milk. It’s thick and rich…and slides down the throat like a warm, wet esophageal hug.
The marshmallows: Laurie also uses her own housemade mallows for this brew. And I’m telling you, marshmallows don’t get any better than this. They melt just perfectly when thrown into their warm chocolate bath, creating a thick, sticky layer of mallow that floats all across the surface of the beverage. So you get a slurp of mallow with every sip of cocoa, and you don’t have to worry about the marshmallows wandering away from your mouth as you attempt to drink them. It’s truly a beautiful thing.
If you haven’t partaken in Le Pops hot chocolate yet this winter, you now know exactly what needs to be on your schedule this week. It’s by far the best in the city, and maybe the best in the universe. Is that an exaggeration? Go drink this stuff and tell me I’m wrong.

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