Zara Wilkerson to Begin Dessert Production for Yellow Rocket Concepts

Things just got a little sweeter for a fair few of Rock City’s restaurants, specifically those that fall under the Yellow Rocket Concepts umbrella. Zara Wilkerson, local pastry chef and dessert connoisseur, will begin sweets production for all the restaurants under the restaurant group this month.
Wilkerson says, “I’m absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the brains and hearts behind Yellow Rocket. I’m an extremely loyal person – and I can’t emphasize that enough – so, I have a ton of reservations before working with someone so closely. I say this because I know how much I will give of my heart, sweat, and peace of mind. I have an incredible amount of respect for Scott, Russ, John, Ben and Amber in addition to the staff as a whole, so the mutual decision to work together was a meaningful one.”
Previously Wilkerson has created desserts for Heights Taco & Tamale co and worked on several special collaborations.
Zara's Chocolate Cake at Heights Taco & Tamale Co
Zara’s Chocolate Cake at Heights Taco & Tamale Co

Wilkerson’s move is a welcome one for all involved – especially to those of us with taste buds. Yellow Rocket Concepts co-owner Scott McGehee says, “We have tremendous respect for Zara’s talent and creativity … [and] also working with her is an absolute joy! She has complete creative freedom at all of our locations and we hope for her to continue to do more and more with us.”
The new partnership won’t inhibit Wilkerson from working with restaurants outside the Yellow Rocket umbrella, and she will continue to do menu development and consulting along this vein as time allows.
Wilkerson is excited for this next step and can’t wait to see what the future will bring. She adds of Yellow Rocket, “They have a heart behind their business and they make sure to give so much of their time, money and energy to amazing causes. This was a key factor for me because our interests certainly align in that aspect.”
First up, Wilkerson will start with monthly specials at Big Orange and will then gradually take over the remaining desserts at the other Yellow Rocket restaurants, including providing desserts at Heights Taco & Tamale and Local Lime.
Get ready to give in to your sweet tooth. She says, “There will be some constant dessert items and many rotating specials. I hope to work with various people and seek feedback on favorite desserts so we can curate nostalgic desserts of the month that come with a story. I’m humbled that YRC saw me worthy enough to trust with their dessert program.”


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