ZAZA Creates the Perfect Heights Drink for the A Great Cause

Heights culture is completely unique in Little Rock, there is no place like it. A year or so ago I briefly contemplated throwing an event in the Heights, while doing so I thought about what the quintessential drink for the area would be to feature. Part of me wanted to go with wine, maybe a Rosé party. The other part wanted to do some margherita competition. It turns out the folks at ZAZA found the answer, and it is perfectly between the two.

This weekend they are kicking off their new signature cocktail, which really deserves to be the official cocktail of the Heights, the F’Rosé.

It is essentially Rosé wine run through a frozen margarita machine for a smooth, icy, amazing drink. It is the perfect adult slushy, light enough to have one any time of day, but just boozy enough to feel slightly naughty about it.

To kick off the drink launch, ZAZA is partnering with the Arkansas Women’s Outreach program which aims to promote the wellbeing of local homeless women through increasing access to adequate health services and education. They will donate $1 of every F’Rosé cocktail sold from March 4th to March 12th to help support their mission. In addition they will add an extra $1 donation for everyone who posts a photo of their F’Rosé on social media using the hashtag #OhHeyFrose.

“The cocktail is unbelievably delicious. It is going to be the perfect spring and summer drink in the heights,” ZAZA events manager Jarrod Johnson says. “We are also very excited to do this in partnership with the Women’s Outreach Program. It is a program that several of our staff members are heavily involved in supporting.”

The F’Rosé is just the start of their new cocktail program at ZAZA. They hope to evolve a full menu of frozen adult beverages as seasons change and local produce availability increases.

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