Zetêo Coffee Adds River Market Location

Fellow coffee lovers, rejoice, a brand new coffee joint is on its way to Little Rock. Well, not entirely brand new. Zetêo Coffee will be opening a sister location in downtown Little Rock on President Clinton Avenue. Zetêo’s original location in Conway has experienced tremendous success – so much so, that owner Jon, originally from North Little Rock, decided to expand into Little Rock.
“We were approached with an opportunity to open our second café in the Rock Dental Brands building at 610 President Clinton Avenue and it was something that was honestly just too good for us to pass on.” Having seen the growth of downtown Little Rock, Jon is excited to be a part of its expansion and locally-focused environment.
There are several qualities that make Zetêo’s coffee stand out. Building and sustaining relationships with their customer base is a high priority. They focus on being relational and intentional with their customers.
You know that feeling when you walk into a place of business that you’ve never been to before and get an awkward feeling? Expect the opposite from Zetêo. “We believe that with building meaningful relationships with our customers and meeting them where they are in their journey with specialty coffee, that we can provide them with a top notch experience that comfortable and not intimidating,” Jon tells.
Jon attended the American Barista and Coffee School in Portland, Oregon, where he got intense training as well as cafe managerial experience. Zetêo’s roasting source, Onyx Coffee Lab, trained Zetêo’s original barista team. Since then, Zetêo’s management team has been in charge of replicating the training methods, maintaining Zetêo’s emphasis for consistency. New employees begin working the front of house by interacting with customers and prepping beverages for the baristas. Employees then learn food prep, slow brew coffee preparation, and, finally working “on bar” with the coveted espresso machine.
Zetêo Coffee and Onyx Coffee Lab have a very close mutually symbiotic relationship. In the contemporary food culture, where lots more people are roasting their own beans, Zetêo takes pride in sourcing their beans from the Springdale roasters because they are confident that they are the absolute best beans. “I’ve always been a big believer in doing what I do well, and letting others do what they do well. Onyx Coffee just roasts coffee better than most anyone around. They’re also a great mentoring resource for Trina (my wife) and I as café owners and they consistently offer great training opportunities for our staff which is an incredible value-add,” Jon adds.
In case high quality coffee and committed, well-trained staff aren’t enough to entice you to visit, just wait. There’s also something to be said about philanthropic companies like Zetêo Coffee, who donate 5% of their profits to Living Water International. Living Water International’s mission is “to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and to experience ‘living water’—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.” Jon says that their missions closely line up with who they are and what they do.
The space will be able to accommodate 30-40 people with two large tables, barstools, and a lounge area. Zetêo Coffee’s Little Rock location plans to open in February, though a specific date hasn’t been set yet. Soft openings available to the public will be announced soon, so stay tuned.

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