Boulevard's Fall Menu Brings Bold Flavor to Simple Dishes

If you haven’t checked into Boulevard Bistro & Bar in the Heights lately, you’ll want to fix that. Go for the Baked Pimento Cheese, but stay for the new fall menu. The line-up embraces simple dishes with bold flavor combinations – providing a little something for everyone.
Chef Chris McMillan enjoys creating seasonal menus because eating fresh appeals to him. He says, “That’s pretty much the basis of what we do – we try our best to eat seasonally and locally when possible. … We have contact with many great farmers and we’re getting in a lot of fall produce right now which is pretty much going to be the all-around highlight.
McMillan is particularly excited for patrons to try the Parisian Style Gnocchi. Although not entirely new – it’s appeared on the menu before – it is unique. McMillan says of the taste profile, “It’s not very dense it’s very fluffy and pillowy.” The dish comes with Grassroots Farm Chicken, roasted Shiitake Mushrooms, Cippolini Onions, fried Sage, and Sauce Velote’, resulting in a classic comfort dish.
If you want to know what fall tastes like, then keep an eye out for the Roasted Autumn Squash Savory Crepes. Essentially the essence of fall, the Crepes come together with toasted Walnuts, Blue Cheese, and Cognac cream.

If you’re trying to keep it on the lighter side, explore the salad options. The Pickled Beet and Baby Kale Salad is a nice choice, and includes spiced Yogurt, candied Pecans, Orange Zest, and Champagne Vinaigrette. The spiced yogurt is an integral part of the flavor profile in this one. McMillan says, “I use Saffron and Coriander in the yogurt and it finishes well with a little Orange Zest. It’s unique, but the flavors all work together very well.”
These dishes only skim the surface of the new offerings, but before you peruse the new menu below, don’t forget about the drinks. General Manager and Bartender Summer Blake has packed a punch with this go-round – offering everything from a Maple Bourbon Sour to a Strawberry Rhubarb Fizz.

Have you ever thought to put pears and cinnamon together? Try the Appearant Twist, which is a combination of house-infused Pear Tequila, Cinnamon Simple Syrup and Egg White. Blake says, “Pear and cinnamon go really nice with each other and … we decided to do something different.”
If you like fruit but want something a little more sweet, try the Strawberry Rhubarb Fizz. The drink includes fresh, muddled Strawberries, Strawberry-infused Vodka, Cappelletti, and Soda on top. It’s beautifully layered and easy to drink, although one should be cautious with it, as Blake says, “It’s like a strawberry soda, it’s dangerous.”

You really can’t go wrong with the Maple Bourbon Sour. A nice take on a classic it includes –Rosemary-infused Bourbon with housemade Maple simple syrup over Lemon.
If, however, you want to try something a little different check out the My Lovely Fair Lady – Ben Phillips, also working the bar at Boulevard, helped with this one. You might not know it, but the Bistro has really upped their cocktail game and is trying to offer things that you might not be able to get around town. This drink comes with Bushmills Whiskey, Port, and Byrrh – an aperitif that is almost like a cross between a Port and Cognac. The various flavors play back and forth, making it a well-balanced treat that you currently can’t get anywhere else.
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Author: Becca

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