Capital Bar and Grill Continues to Roll with a New Winter Menu

After a few drinks, it’s hard to beat the familiar cravings, namely, an excellent burger or crispy bit of catfish. Next time you’re at the Capital Bar and Grill, be sure to check out chef de cuisine Arturo Solis’ new menu which boasts of Southern favorites.
If you can’t decide what to eat, opt for the Jars option from the appetizers. A full selection of daily dips and pickles with delicious toasted bread is sure to please. Think pesto, potato salad and much more. This is great to share or to keep all to yourself if you’re feeling ambitious.
The sandwich selections offer a few new choices including the Crispy Catfish Roll. Think mouth-watering catfish, fried golden and paired with an excellent creole aioli. If you’d rather have a burger, get ready to go all in. You can opt for a regular, beef burger, or you can get outside the box and try the Pork Burger Frita. This little beauty comes with chorizo, crispy potato, and smoked pineapple aioli. If you’re really hungry, word on the street is that the Rib-eye is everything you ever wanted. It comes with sweet potato, bbq cabbage, bok choy and peanut romesco.
Don’t forget to save room for dessert. The menu still boasts of the Sweet Potato Pot De Crème, which is a must, but if you’re feeling more chocolate, aim for the Chocolate Malt Tart. The dish comes with salted caramel, malt tuille, malt meringue, and chocolate sauce. It aims to please, and trust me, your taste-buds will thank you for your choice.
If you haven’t been out to the Capital Bar and Grill in a spell, give it a try. Chef Solis knows how to offer a great spin on a classic, and you won’t leave disappointed.

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