Capital Bar & Grill Releases New Menu

There is a certain rhythm in a restaurant’s kitchen. On a busy Friday night at the Capital Bar & Grill, chef de cuisine Arturo Solis carefully plates each order, despite the ever-bustling movement around him.
The restaurant recently released a new menu, and Solis is pretty excited for its reception. “This menu comes down to being a true introduction of where I want to take things,” he says, “It’s a little more me.”
You’ll notice the introduction of small plates, as well as dishes that fall all over the map when it comes to style. Solis laughingly says, “I’m not really trying to fall into genre of food, I just want to go with what is great on the palate – what’s tasty.”

I sampled a few of the dishes from the expansive offerings and can attest to the flavor factor. First up, the Smoked Sausage from the small plates is both juicy and zesty, thanks to the ever popular red pepper sauce. Don’t worry, it comes with a hearty ciabbata slice, so you can soak up any leftover sauce. Also, the Pork Milanese is perfect to cure a light appetite, tenderly tangy in the accompanying sauce gribiche.
If you’d rather opt for something greener, go with the Kale Salad. It’s light and perfect for fall with shaved parmesan, pickled red onion, raisins, and croutons in a lemon dressing.
I was especially excited to try the Braised Pork Belly. If you’re attempting to find Solis’ identity as a chef, look no further. He said, “This is based on a dish my mom used to serve me as a kid. I love cooking with pork belly – it’s actually one of my favorites to eat.”

The pork belly is cooked to a smoky, melting perfection and paired with spicy chorizo, kale, and crispy potatoes. This all comes atop a Spanish chickpea stew, making it the perfect dish to fight a cold day. I can tell you, I’ll definitely be back for this one.
On your visit to the eatery, don’t forget dessert. You requested pumpkin, and the crew at Capital Bar & Grill heard your cries. Solis collaborated with pastry chef Matthew Dunn to create the Sweet Potato Pot De Crème. You’ll be delighted when a delicious presentation of cardamom churros, spiced cream and pumpkin seed brittle lands at your table.
By now you’re hungry, so be sure to check out the menu below and get out to the Capital Bar & Grill to sample all of their offerings.
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Author: Becca

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