Cathead's Diner Launches New Sandwich Options

Coincidental timing is always a funny thing. Last week, just before the pandemic hit, I sat down with Cathead’s Diner owner Donnie Ferneau to go over their new menu option.
The plan at Catheads was to launch a roundup of delicious sandwiches that were specifically built with low ticket times so that someone ordering a hot, fresh sandwich would get their order roughly the same time that it would take a friend sitting with them to go through their hotline. It was an incredibly smart and efficient way of doing things.
And then the world fell out from under all of us around the restaurant scene. It happened right in front of Donnie and I, while we were going over the menu.
A week later curbside pickup and delivery orders are the new standard operating procedure for diners, the best part is that their new sandwich options are even more viable in this brave new world.

All of the menu options are available as pick up orders, and they travel very well. Every order comes standard with chips and are all made on thick Texas toast. All are delicious too, however, the highlight of the entire line up has to be the brisket melt. It uses Cathead’s house-smoked brisket, fried onions, house red, and white bbq sauce, and is available with a cheese sauce to pour over or dip it in. It quickly jumps to the top of our favorite sandwiches in town.
Also up is the fried chicken sandwich. Cathead’s uses Donnie’s signature style of frying chicken for the chicken tenders, along with house-made pickles and Alabama white bbq sauce. It is even better with a little of their house hot sauce thrown on for a spicy option.
Rounding out the new sandwiches is their smoked turkey salad sandwich. It is turkey crack (if you know what I am referring to) reimagined, packed with even more flavor. It is also great with a little dab of hot sauce on top.
Catheads is taking orders for curbside pickup on these sandwiches during regular business hours, 7-2 Tues-F. Call 501-801-0843 to order.

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