Ciao Baci Adds Comfort Dishes To Winter Menu

“We’re kind of doing the same thing we always do – getting a little heartier for this time of year, and trying to refine everything a little bit,” says Ciao Baci’s Executive Chef Jeffery Owen in regards to the restaurant’s new winter menu.
There’s a couple of different hearty soups to warm up to, breakfast for dinner, and the beloved chef’s tasting menu. Whether on a date, meeting for friends, or flying solo, the menu is varied enough to please even the pickiest of eaters.
Owen is particularly stoked for the Breakfast Meat Mixed Grill entrée. The plate comes with baci bacon, pork belly confit, breakfast banger-onion-potato Hash, a soft egg, and maple hot sauce. He says, “It’s totally delicious. That’s all of our house-made breakfast meats – we make the sausage, we smoke our bacon, and do an eight-hour pork belly confit.” For the meat lovers, this one won’t disappoint.

You can’t go wrong with the Spice Rubbed Beef Tenderloin. Who doesn’t like a classy version of meat and potatoes? This dish comes with root vegetable gratin, gorgonzola, wilted greens, and brandied cherry bordelaise.
On the lighter side, opt for the Beet Cured Gravlax from the small plates section, complete with wasabi cream cheese, rye streusel, and salmon roe. Owen says, “It’s so colorful and it’s got everything you miss in the winter. I love the warm colors and it’s kind of light, but it’ll fill you up.”
If you’re cold, pick a soup – French Onion Gratinee or the Corn Chip Chili Pie. The French onion is perfect for a chilly day, and comes with caramelized onions, brandy-beef broth, gruyere, and a ciabatta crostini. The chili pie is just as suitable with all beef chili, pickled onions, cheese, and sour cream. Owen says, “For our soups we went two different directions of comfort. One is real traditional bistro and the other is straight up comfort food.”
Don’t forget the tasting menu. Owen says, “It changes every day and is the best deal in town. It’s great to split, or you can come in indulge and do one all by yourself and just blow it out.”
Check out the full menu and details below.

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Author: Becca

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