Ciao Baci Crafts New Seasonal Drink Menu

Rock City is currently playing host to some of the best patio weather, and there isn’t a more inviting porch in town than Hillcrest’s Ciao Baci. Head out to grab your outdoor seat and while there, check out the new seasonal drink specialties. From pumpkin spice lovers to classic cocktail fans, there’s a little something for everyone.
If you can’t get enough pumpkin in your life, start with the Pumpkin Roll. This drink has made an appearance before, and as Bar Manager Neil Pedrick says, “It’s a crowd favorite.” Think Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur paired with Pumpkin Spice Infused Syrup and paired with Vanilla Vodka. Dressed with nutmeg, this drink tastes like pumpkin cheer in one glass.
Perhaps you’d like to try something a little more stout, served with a side of history. Check out The Carthusian Reverend, Pedrick’s drink showcasing Pineapple Dark Rum with Chartreuse and a splash of pineapple on the rocks. The name ‘Carthusian Reverend’ refers to the rum and the chartreuse. Chartreuse is made from Carthusian monks, and consists of a 500 year-old secret recipe. The Pineapple Rum, however, is named after Reverend Stiggins from Dickens’ “The Pickwick Papers.” Pedrick says, “I’m excited about this drink – it’s simple and balanced.” Try it. It’s slightly spicy, subtly sweet, and ever so smooth.
If you’re feeling flowery, opt for the Kentucky Saddler. The combination of Old Forester 86 with Elderflower Liqueur and fresh squeezed house bitters makes it a tasty treat. The lemon and pink honeysuckle illustrate this drink as a true nectar. Don’t worry, though, as the Old Forrester definitely gives it a nice kick.
If all else fails, don’t forgo the classic. The Rusty Nail, with the complementary combination of Scotch Whisky (Dewars, in this case) and Drambuie, is a match made in heaven.

Author: Becca

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