Ciao Baci Delivers Fall Flavors with New Seasonal Menu

Fall is easily my favorite season. The leaves changing, the cold air, and the fantastic food flavors that only fall can bring. Ciao Baci’s latest menu change seems to encompass everything great about fall. You will find a lot of warm colored greens, hearty soups to warm you up, and strong earthy flavors using quality ingredients.
“Our fall dinner focuses on hearty, rich and  rustic preparation and slow cooking,” chef Jeffery Owen tells us. “This shines in in dishes such as the duck leg confit, braised oxtail, caramelized risotto, and a decadent beef tenderloin with Yukon gold puree, shiitakes and bordelaise (made in house, it is a four day process).”

Seafood is also strong on the menu with diver scallops, fisherman’s style stew, and a pecan crusted catfish. In Little Rock the catfish naturally is going to win over a lot of fans, we found the fisherman’s stew to be fantastic as well though. As soon as the weather drops again I plan on having another big bowl.
The food is not the only change, the menu itself is getting a fall makeover. New is a bifold menu featuring main dinner items on the inside with updated styling and fonts. On the back is the “all day” menu that is served from 4 p.m. utill midnight.
“With the all day menu we are focusing on food to share. Our calamari, bruschetta, fry bowls, bar snacks, cheese, charcuterie, and 3 pizzas, make kind of a greatest hits list,” Owen says. “Also, our Americana burger, a chicken Caesar, and a flat iron steak with parmesan frites, house worcestershire and black truffle aioli round out the back. I think this menu is literally offering something for everyone.”
Don’t forget about the chef’s tasting menu, one of the best in the city, which will also reflect fall flavors available.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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