Cypress Social Celebrates Spring on the Patio with a New Cocktail Menu

As we head towards a new normal, Cypress Social has rolled out a half dozen new cocktails for spring and summer. Cypress Social employees are still wearing masks and, while vaccinated, Cypress Social does ask patrons to follow the recommendations for mask wearing and social distancing at this time. That said, the relaxed and let-your-hair-down spot on Cock of the Walk Lane is getting ready for a return to celebrations this summer with the new cocktails.

Head Bartender Samira Morshedi describes this menu as a full collaboration among the bar staff with drinks contributed by herself, Rob Armstrong, and Jacob Sawrie. Each drink brings a unique take on hospitality while showcasing the range of the bar at Cypress Social. From the lively Buzzed Bumble to the complex and erudite Grey Eyed Goddess, no drink is just what it seems though any one of them would be perfect for your next libation.

Stiff Upper Lip (Samira Morshedi)
The Stiff Upper Lip is a drink with roots in both the Old Fashioned and Manhattan. The Stiff Upper Lip has a strong backbone of a Bottled in Bond Rittenhouse Rye with the addition of a vino-turbinado syrup to deepen the experience. The turbinado sugar has a richer almost earthy sweetness to it and the red wine base for the syrup provides tannins to balance against the spicy power of the 100 proof rye. The combination proves sweet enough to smooth over any rough edges but complex enough to have you taking sip after sip.

Lemon Berry Mule (Rob Armstrong)
This refreshing and fruit forward drink is perfect for the warming weather and the Cypress Social Deck. The Lemon Berry Mule is summer in a glass while the use of the strawberry-cherry puree elevates this drink past other mule variations. The 360 Huckleberry vodka keeps the tart flavor running throughout the drink and the good ginger beer to top off the drink provides a bite to keep the Lemon Berry Mule lively instead of being too cloying or sweet. Because it is so well balanced, fruity, and refreshing, it is an invitation to sit outside at Cypress Social for hours at a time.

Royal Blood (Jacob Sawrie)
What started as a Blood & Sand experiment using gin has evolved into a drink in its own right. The Royal Blood uses the familiar structure of the Scotch based Blood & Sand with Orange Juice and cherry liqueur but brightens it with a Royal Strength gin. The strong gin acts as a balance to the sweetness of the other ingredients and creates a vibrant and rich drink. For people who think that they don’t like gin, this is the cocktail to prove them wrong this summer.

Hula in Jalisco (Samira Morshedi)
This coconut margarita will transport you to a relaxing getaway without ever leaving Arkansas. The coconut is mild on the nose, not to overpower the rest of the drink, but provides a great balance in the drink as it cuts against the acidity of the lime juice leaving a tropical balance. Using coconut tequila rather than the coconut milk means that the drink isn’t thick and stays a refreshing sipper. The coconut flavor serves to ground the otherwise rambunctious margarita that is a favorite cocktail in its own right.

Buzz Bumble (Rob Armstrong)
Using Empress Gin makes the drink striking as it changes color when you stir it at the table. Starting with the gin and lemon base, the Buzz Bumble uses a Grapefruit Radler, a type of mixed beer drink, to pull the ingredients together and provide an effervescence. A honey syrup lends a deeper sweetness without being overpowering. The Buzz Bumble is the most playful of the new drinks and, while rooted in classic cocktails, has a definite sense of fun that is perfect for Cypress Social!

Grey Eyed Goddess (Samira Morshedi)
Steeped in local ingredients, the Grey Eyed Goddess is a thoughtful drink exploring the combinations of an Earl Grey infused Rocktown Vodka, Rocktown triple sec, honey syrup, and lemon juice. The triple sec highlights and accentuates the orange notes of Earl Grey tea extracted into the vodka while the combination of lemon juice and ginger bitters keeps the drink lively- the vibrant nose of the Grey Eyed Goddess promises a bite but that bite doesn’t overwhelm the drink when you take a sip. This is a sophisticated drink with layers to enjoy.

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