Eat The Harvest With South On Main’s New Fall Menu

Crisp fall air means fresh Arkansas greens, warm, comfort dishes, and a completely new menu at South on Main.
Executive Chef Matthew Bell spent time working with his team on the latest iteration of the menu, saying, “Normally I work on the menu alone, but I’ve got young seasoned chef, and I wanted their opinions on this one. It was fun to bounce ideas off each other.”
The team has made a menu with a little something for everyone.
When at the eatery, start with he Shrimp Appetizer. Think sweet potato, red eye gravy, sautéed shrimp, and delicious fall goodness.
Bell says, “You’ve got some warm spice in the sweet potato, coffee in the gravy, and salt from the hame – and it’s delicious.”
If you’d rather have clams, you’ve come to the right place. The clams are paired with Tasso and high life – a simple flavor profile that truly shines. “We sauté the Tasso with some caramelized onions, add the clams and high life, and then put a lid on it. When the clams open up we finish with butter and herbs and add a little grilled bread on the side. It’s simple, but it’s probably my favorite thing on the menu.”

If you’re looking for a hearty, stick-to-you-ribs meal, opt for the Ribeye. South on Main’s is a twist on the classic, as it’s eye of ribeye, so it looks more like a fillet. However, don’t worry, as Bell promises that it “still has all that delicious inner-muscular fat and is full of flavor.” It’s served alongside gnocchi and kale with a delectable black pepper gastrique consisting of fresh black pepper, vinegar, and honey.
Finally, for a taste of game, opt for the Rabbit Pappardelle. Think delicious and hearty without the heaviness that usually comes with it. The rabbit is served braised in a celery root cream with caramelized onions and mushrooms.
Bell explains, “I think the celery root is my favorite fall vegetable … It’s almost like celery root makes it like a creamy Alfredo but it’s not cheesy.”
This first taste only skims the surface of the new offerings at South on Main. Chargrilled oysters are back and Carrot Cake Fritters have also made their way on the menu.
Bell says it best: “We’ve got a couple of other things that you’re going to have to come in to check out.”

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