Flyway Beefs Up The Menu: Adds Wild Game Sausage and More

Over the past year or so, Argenta’s Flyway Brewing Co. has truly blossomed. From their grand opening to the introduction of their expanded menu, they’ve found a niche in our brewing and food scene.
Part of their success is listening to their fans, and with the latest iteration of their new menu, they’ve definitely delivered. Think pub-grub, food that’ll stick-to-your-ribs, all centered around Flyway’s wild game theme.
But don’t, of course, forget about the beer.
Co-owner Jess McMullen explains the fuel for the new menu, “We want to focus on a few items and we want to do them well,” he says, “While expanding our menu, we kept our eye on what is the most important part of Flyway – it’s all about the beer.”

The updated includes old favorites like pretzels, larger sliders, a new nacho, and wild game sausages – guaranteeing a little something for everyone.
The list of game you can order at the brewery now includes Turkey, Venison, Wild Boar, Trout, Elk, Rabbit, Duck, Crawfish, Quail and Alligator – which can all be harvested in the natural state.
Slider fans will be happy to know that the offerings are now larger – except for the Bacon Wrapped Quail breasts, as the quail is a one-size situation. This means the Double Cheddar Bombs, Double Turkey Brie, Venison Goat Cheese, Tofu Banh Mi and Wild Boar Meatball Marinara have all doubled in size.
“We just wanted to make our sliders bigger and better for our guests,” McMullen adds.
Nacho fans will want to check out the Blackened Gator Nachos, which moonlighted as a special and quickly became a fan-favorite. The dish fits well with the staples of Duck, Crawfish, and Smoked Trout Nachos.

What we’re really pumped about, though, are the wild game sausages, which we can attest, are dynamite.
“The Wild Game Sausages are served on Pretzel Buns and are piled high with Southern Sauces and Toppings – we had a blast pairing the flavors with each individual sausage,” says McMullen. Plus, you can order the sausages in the Flyway style or pile on your own toppings however you please.
Think delectables like Chow Chow, Creole Mustard, Candied Jalapeños, Cajun Swamp Sauce and so much more.
McMullen is definitely most pumped about the toppings, as he says, “We used to make Texas Caviar (a black eyed pea salsa) when I was a kid and the Sweet Onion Marmalade is a variation of a classic New Orleans recipe. The Louisiana Tri-Bell Relish is a crunchy Flyway original, and the Lexington Red Slaw is a sweet chopped slaw that is a traditional bbq side in the Piedmont of North Carolina,” plus, he adds in a favorite: “Flyway’s Spicy Green Tomato Chow Chow is one of my favorite foods in the world.”
Make plans to check out the new menu for yourself as soon as today – be sure you bring your appetite along with a beer craving – we doubt you’ll be leaving unsatisfied.
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