Flyway's Game Day Menu is the Perfect Football Pairing

Depending on what team you cheer for, the 2018 football season has not gotten off to the best start. Of course, if you’re a Hogs fan … well, we all know how that’s gone so far. My own South Carolina team has been thumped by Georgia and stopped by Hurricane Florence in consecutive weeks. I mean, sure, there are people out there who have really enjoyed the football season so far (shut up, Alabama fans), but for most of us, football season has not delivered the joy and memories we would have wanted.
However, all is not lost this fall. Flyway Brewing has debuted a new Game Day Menu full of superb small plates that can help ease the sting of the game (or pair well with a victory). The menu is the product of newly hired chef Trevor Swedenburg, who returned to Little Rock this summer from working in Oklahoma. Swedenburg approached owner Jess McMullen with the idea and got the green light.
“We have such a huge following of football fans, from NFL to college,” said Swedenburg. “We’re already a “small bites” restaurant, beer in one hand and food in the other, so with game day, we wanted some food you would enjoy at a tailgate or at a Super Bowl party.”

The Game Day Menu is available any time football is on. That means Monday and Thursday nights, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Every item on the menu is $7, and there are some real winners here. For starters, consider the Southwest Pimento Cheese absolutely essential. Swedenburg starts with smoked gouda cheese instead of cheddar and layers in smoked vinegar, hot sauce, Sriracha sauce, pimentos, mayo, and Dijon mustard. Topped with candied jalapenos and served with crispy toast points, this one immediately joins the conversation as one of the best pimento cheese dishes in Arkansas. I will be seriously shocked if the Southwest Pimento Cheese isn’t on the permanent menu very soon.
Another showstopper is the new Frito Chili Pie, a dish that fits in so well with Flyway’s menu theme that it’s surprising it hasn’t already been on. The star of the dish is a meaty venison chili; there’s only barely enough sauce in the chili to make everything stick. The build is a traditional Frito pie, with cheddar cheese, Frito chips, purple onions and sautéed bell peppers. It’s an earthy, mildly sweet dish that does well as a sharing plate or as a dinner entrée for one.

And there is plenty more to take in. The Pig Skins pork rinds come to the table tossed in Flyway’s blackened seasoning and still popping from the fryer. Flyway’s special “swamp sauce” is the perfect complement for a pleasantly spicy plate. The Hog Dip is a cream cheese dip stacked with pork sausage from pigs that were served spent grain from Flyway’s brewhouse. And the new Boneless Wings come in teriyaki, Buffalo or hickory-smoked mustard sauce for a dish that is sure to please most football fans.
Flyway Brewing has always been a great place to watch your team play. With this new menu, Flyway is fully embracing its role as a sports bar and taproom serving some of the state’s best beer and fantastic food to pair with it. If football is on, Flyway should be one of your first choices for watching the game.
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