Holidays are Sweeter with Honey Pies' New Desserts

It is always special when we get to see a business fill exactly the right need at the right time in the community. That is exactly what has happened with Honey Pies, and as a result the little pie shop has taken off to unexpected levels.
The shop that sits in a once cursed area of Bowman Curve has transformed into much more than a pie shop. It has grown into a full fledged bakery and coffee shop, and no period of time highlights this better than the holiday season. Yes the pies are still there and as good as ever, but Honey Pies has grown to fill a lot of the baked good needs of the community, and brews up some fantastic coffee, espresso, and hot chocolate.
“We really just grew the menu to fit what people want and what they are asking for,” owner Sharon Woodson tells us. “Thankfully my amazing bakers keep turning out really good products, a lot of credit for our success is due to their talents in a wide variety of baking areas.”
The first big menu shift came a few months ago when Honey Pies introduced breakfast quiches. That quickly grew to some really good cinnamon rolls. Now with the holiday season in full swing Honey Pies is expanding to produce brownies, cookies, coffee cakes, cupcakes, dessert jars, as well as other menu specials. The number of regular pies has grown as well to include everything from beautiful cherry lattice pies to season treats like an eggnog cheesecake.

“We are starting to be more innovative as we settle into the community and get a feel for what people want,” Woodson says. “We are going to start doing standard apple, cherry, and chocolate pies along with cheesecakes. To change it up we are also going to start featuring a special flavor of each as well that is seasonal. We are working on a mint chocolate pie right now, and we are already running our eggnog cheesecake.”
The holidays are the perfect time to experiment with flavors as well. Thanksgiving was huge with pie and dessert orders, with people lined up down the block to pick up pies. Pick up should be a little less chaotic for Christmas orders, but it will no doubt be popular. The holiday ordering menu includes not only pies, but all sorts of desserts like cakes, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. If you want to make your own with a little help, they are also selling things like whipped cream and pie crust to make it go a little easier.
The expanded coffee side of things is excellent as well. They are hand crafting hot chocolate and mocha mixes in house, and creating a number of original espresso drinks to complement the large selection of classics. It really makes this feel equal parts bakery and coffee shop, so much so we would love to see them expand next door into a full fledged coffee shop. It really is the best coffee spot in the area, and fills a large void.
The new menu items are available at Honey Pies now, get in there early in the day, because a lot of the really good items go fast. The last day for Christmas ordering is this Friday, so get your order in soon. Also keep an eye on their events, there will be a number of chef popup collaborations coming in the near future such as the New Orleans Brunch with Mindy Mitchell this weekend. 

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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