Hot Rod Wieners Rolls Out Hot New Menu

Our food truck scene is in a constant state of flux…folks coming and going, some transitioning to brick-and-mortar. But one truck that remains a consistent favorite around town is the deceptively delicious, Hot Rod Wieners. On the surface, this team of dog-slingers are putting out what some might consider a relatively simple product…hot dogs. But anyone who’s put some time into their food quickly realizes they’ve developed a high-quality menu, utilizing fresh, local ingredients, and serving a product that goes well beyond ordinary. It’s that mix of classic complexity that keeps many coming back for more.
Recently, they decided to offer even more reasons to see what Hot Rod is capable of producing. Their new summer menu is bigger and better than ever. While eaters will no longer find their popular “Italian Stallion” on the menu, there’s a lot of new to get your dogs a’ howling. I got a peek at what’s going on with Hot Rod and sampled a few of their new offerings…you’ll want to do the same.
Start with a new dog that’s already making waves with Hot Rod fans, the “Greece Lightning.” This Mediterranean-inspired take on the hot dog comes topped with a tomato and cucumber salad, all locally sourced, and flavored with a touch of mint straight from Hot Rod’s own garden. It’s finished with a Greek yogurt sauce with feta and fresh mint. It’s destined to be a favorite at all their upcoming food truck meets.

The Dixie Charger

Arkansans adore pimento cheese, and Hot Rod is putting out a new dog, the “Dixie Charger”, that slathers a generous amount of the golden-orange cheese spread all over the top. It’s one of co-owner Andrea Wilson’s grandmother’s recipes—a very respectable pimento, indeed. They finish with pickled okra.
I’m always game for more kimchi in this town, and Hot Rod has gotten their hands on an excellent recipe for their “Spicy Daewoo” dog. They top this one with a sweet, sour, and spicy kimchi and brown mustard. For fans of Korean food, it’s a fusion item that will make most smile with satisfaction.
The “Stang” is a newer version of a dog Hot Rod was producing when they first opened, but now with a few important upgrades. It comes topped with a spicier barbecue sauce, a few strips of crispy bacon, and pickled onions. It’s messy but worth consuming. Lastly, they’ve got the “Krautwaggon” with a sauerkraut salad and spicy mustard. Everything is served on freshly-baked Boulevard Bread Co. buns. Each dog with run you $5 a piece.
Keep an eye on Hot Rod’s Facebook page for their daily locations and drop by at the next food truck gathering you attend. You’ll surely find something on the summer menu that will tickle your fancy.

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