Kemuri Brings Sushirritos to Little Rock as Part of New Menu

It seems every year there is a new interesting food trend popping up on the coasts, but very few ever make much of an impact in the local food scene. The genius hybrid of a burrito and a sushi roll, called a sushirrito, is one we are very glad made it to town. It is going on the new Kemuri lunch menu and is going to be a welcome addition to lunch in Hillcrest.
The Sushirrito was originally developed back in 2008 in San Francisco as a way to combine sushi and burritos for a quick handheld food item. They later developed a restaurant under the same name and now have 6 locations in California and New York. Until now trying one meant a bit of a hike for lunch.
Kemuri really is the perfect place for this to land, they focus heavily on fusion food, including some outstanding fusion tacos and sliders at lunch time. The Sushirrito fits right in.
Currently they are offering two versions on the menu, although I imagine that will expand if they become popular. First up is a Tokyo chicken with peppered chicken, crab stick and a blend of sushi fillings that all work well together in a roll. The second option, Seaside, is much closer to traditional sushi with tuna, salmon, crab stick, and options you would typically find in a fish based roll. They both come in a thin wrap, served with an asian spinach salad.

Overall it is a really outstanding addition to the menu. The Sushirritos are packed full of flavor, and just the right size for lunch. The Tokyo chicken is certainly more of the non-traditional sushi, and has a little spice in the backend. The Seaside could easily be sliced and served as sushi, in fact several of Kemuri’s rolls have a very similar flavor. I hope to see some of Kemuri’s more adventurous rolls make the Sushirrito transformation in the future, a Hillcrest roll or a Bomb would be fantastic.
The lunch menu also now includes a strong lineup of Poke (pronounced POH-keh) bowls. Poke bowls are a Hawaiian style dish using fresh fish, marinated and served over rice. It is absolutely wonderful, and fits in well in the space. New Poke bowls include Bonsai Poke (blend of chef selected fish), Salmon Poke, Wasabi Tuna Poke, Siracha bowl (chef’s selection of fish), and Blackened Tuna bowl.
Other additions to lunch include a Szechuan Salmon entree and several new salads.

The dinner menu gets a modest update with new items like a sea bass entree that is very good, and a dinner sized portion of the Szechuan Salmon. There is a big addition to the dessert lineup with cheesecakes by local cheesecakery The Velvet Whisk. These also include gluten free options, which should be a popular option in a restaurant that is very gluten free friendly to begin with.
The upgrades to the lunch menu help make Kemuri an even stronger lunchtime destination. We have been baffled before at the lack of lunch crowd in the area, even before the new menu updates. If you have held out on trying Kemuri for lunch, now may be the time to give it a go.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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