Learn to Ferment Your own Vegetables with Latest Cooking Class from Eggshells

If you have not gotten into fermented vegetables you are missing out. Fermentation is essentially pickling, but cured longer and without the use of vinegar. The result is wonderful flavors and some unexpected health benefits.

622425FermentedVegCvrKirsten K. and Christopher Shockey, authors of Fermented Vegetable, are going to be at Eggshells Kitchen Co. on March 2nd teach a cooking class on the basics of fermentation. They’ll share some of their expertise as farmstead food producers and offer step-by-step instructions for making all kinds of ferments–you’ll learn how to build your own arsenal of concentrated herb pastes, relishes, and veggie combinations for any and all food occasions.

The Shockey’s book along with all necessary supplies are included in the $50 cooking class. Plus all participants will ferment their own creation to take home. Full info about the Shockeys and their book below.

[gview file=”http://www.rock.city/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Fermented-Vegetables.pdf”]

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