Loblolly Introduces New Summer Flavors

Hot weather and ice cream go together like Sunny and Cher. With Little Rock heating up, what better time for Loblolly Creamery to introduce their new summer flavors?
Sally Mengel, the force behind Loblolly, is excited for the chance to unleash the new creations upon Rock City, confident that the wide range of flavors will provide a little something for everyone.
“We are most excited for the Rocket Pop and all the sorbets,” she said, from the vantage point of the ever-popular Loblolly truck. “We have improved our sorbet recipes and we can’t wait to share the sweet scoops with everyone.”
Having sampled the new creations myself, I can attest to the genius of the sorbets, which come off as deliciously complex, yet pleasant. The Cucumber Mint is balanced with a mildly sweet finish that will make any summer day more enjoyable. The Watermelon Basil is nostalgic of seed spitting contests, with the full-flavor of the juicy fruit balanced by the smokiness from the herb.
If you have a sweet tooth don’t miss the Campfire S’Mores creation. The treat harbors a crunchy, gooey, and chocolaty combination, not unlike a melted graham cracker sandwiching marshmallows and chocolate bars that you may remember from your childhood.
See the full menu below, and don’t forget to give the sweets a try this summer.
Campfire S’Mores: Spiced graham cracker ice cream with torched Loblolly mallow fluff swirl and dark chocolate ganache swirl
Peach Buttermilk: Arkansas house-made Drewery Farms peach compote swirled in a tangy buttermilk ice cream
Blackberry Sweet Corn: Laughing Stock Farms Arkansas Sweet Corn Ice Cream with swirls of fresh blackberry sauce
Cucumber Cooler Sorbet (JUNE): Hardin Farms cucumber sorbet with Rock Town Distillery Small-Batch Aged Gin and Dunbar Garden Fresh Mint
Rocket Pop Sorbet (JULY): Loblolly take on the classic frozen pop ice cream truck treat. A swirl of red cherry, white lemon, and blue raspberry sorbet.
Watermelon Basil Sorbet (AUGUST): Laughing Stock Farms Sweet Red Velvet Watermelon Sorbet with Dunbar Lemon Basil

Author: Becca

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