Loblolly Launches Hand Crafted Sodas and New Ice Cream Flavors for Spring

As Arkansas heats up, you might be looking for a more flavorful way to cool off. Little Rockers need not worry as Loblolly Creamery has rolled out their spring seasonal selections in flavors sure to satisfy anyone.
For those who like cookies with their ice cream, check out the Cookies and Cream. This one comes with homemade cookies and a creamy, full-bodied coconut flavor. Loblolly fans will rejoice at the return of Strawberry Buttermilk, a fan-favorite featuring locally-sourced, freshly picked strawberries from Barnhill Orchards. Loblolly’s Elizabeth Strandberg says of the flavor, “It’s my favorite buttermilk we do, I really like the fruit and buttermilk combination.”
Keep your eyes and ears peeled for further offerings to hit the counter in April, including Strawberry Balsamic and Carrot Cake which make perfect Easter treats.
Speaking of treats, let’s talk sorbet and sherbet. Sherbet is fruit-forward, contains milk or another fat, and more closely resembles ice cream. Sorbet is dairy-free, can be made with any ingredient, and is for the most-part vegan.
All of Loblolly’s specialty sorbets are vegan, and this go-round you’ll want to give the Rainbow Sherbet a try. It includes lime, pineapple, and peach –all swirled into a fresh, citrusy delight, which Strandberg says, “is really refreshing.” You’ll also want to check out the upcoming seasonal fruit tea sorbet. Strandberg explains, “We’re going to change the fruit according to what’s available – Shelby just made a Cranberry Sweet Tea, which will be delicious.”

You can also try your scoop of choice in a float, which comes highly recommended. Additional flavors available are varying seasonal fruit tea sorbets, Strawberry Pineapple Sorbet. Chocolate lovers will be buzzing about the Dark Chocolate Sorbet which includes local honey.
Working with a dietary restriction? Don’t worry, you won’t have to skip the cone. Try the Muscadine Grape Sorbet paired with a scoop of Strawberry Rose Champagne Sorbet atop a vegan, gluten-free waffle cone. It makes for a sweet, fruity treat that anyone can enjoy.
Get one to go. The house-mixed sodas are a tasty throwback with a modern twist on flavor. We sampled several of the unique syrup flavors including Honey Lavender, Pineapple Melon, Hibiscus, and Strawberry. They’re all-natural, made in-house and served up in a nostalgic diner glass. Even more exciting, you can mix and match the flavors to your liking, as Strandberg says, “We encourage people to mix our syrups in their sodas.” She suggests the Hibiscus and Honey Lavender a solid go-to.
Plus, don’t forget you can order Loblolly’s delectable treats from the couch. All within a fingers reach, you’ll find offerings such as macarons, icing cookies, poop emoji cookies, best-selling ice cream cakes and ice cream by the gallon from their online store.
Peruse the menu below and head to the Green Corner Store to check it out yourself. You’re in for a treat.
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